The development of Lightyear Frontier has been a long time coming, and now the game is finally about to be released. But that’s not all for this blockchain-powered space adventure; there will also be an upcoming token sale before too long. Let us take you through what happened on the journey so far.,

The “lightyear frontier trailer” is a game that has been released by the developers of Eve Online. The game is set to release on May 3, 2019.

Release date for Lightyear Frontier - Everything We Know

What if Stardew Valley had gorgeous 3D visuals and provided you with a customisable mech to help with all your farming needs? That is the issue that Lightyear Frontier intends to address when it is released. The game then goes beyond the excitement of agriculture powered by robots by including an open environment that encourages exploration, intricate craftsmanship, and mystery-driven storytelling.

With interest in the title rekindled following June 2022’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, here is everything we know about Lightyear Frontier, including details about its release date, gameplay, story, and more.

Release date for Lightyear Frontier

Release date for Lightyear Frontier - Everything We Know

Currently scheduled for release in the spring of 2023 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. As soon as it debuts, it will also be accessible on Game Pass.

Frontier Story by Lightyear

Release date for Lightyear Frontier - Everything We Know

While learning how its more robust farming and crafting systems operate, players may follow the mystery-driven story in Lightyear Frontier. However, the creator intends to make it completely unobtrusive.

Although you may play the game endlessly, the plot does have a clear ending and serves mostly to give players a feeling of direction.

Gameplay for Lightyear Frontier

Release date for Lightyear Frontier - Everything We Know

Lightyear Frontier’s diverse fusion is a result of developer Frame Shatter’s commitment to making “games that break the mold” and fusing components from many genres in fresh ways.

There are many things that are familiar, such as dividing up resources, growing crops, and freely erecting structures on your farm. However, the game has a few unique tricks up its sleeve.

Naturally, the mech at the heart of its gameplay is its greatest strength. It’s an avatar that can be customized with a variety of various aesthetic choices and tools that alter what it can accomplish, and it can be controlled in both first-person and third-person perspectives.

Up to four tools, such as a seed shooter to help you start your farm, an irrigation tool to keep your crops happy and growing, or a vacuum harvester to gather resources, may be mounted on each arm.

The mech in Lightyear Frontier may vary its mobility mechanism in a number of morph modes. One that was shown at a press conference in early June had treads, enabling it to move swiftly and employ boosters.

You can see your surroundings more clearly if a drone is leashed to it. Several filters provide you with extra knowledge about the surroundings and available resources, despite the fact that you can’t fly very far while managing it.

The garage, which is a piece of the wrecked spacecraft that transports you to the game’s planet, allows you to personalize the mech and its components.

You get a significant improvement every few upgrades, such as a drill that can bore through hard rocks that block large portions of the planet.

The wrecked spacecraft also serves as the player’s first base of operations. In it, you may also utilize the research station, the game’s major method of advancement, to open up new structures and mech upgrades, as well as sleep to take a break between destroying resources and exploring the world.

Any excess may be sold to the merchant after you’ve laid out the map and managed to have a consistent supply of resources flowing there. You must schedule your day around his arrival since he will only be here for a short period of time.

The value of each resource fluctuates week by week in the Lightyear Frontier economy.

Basic materials, seeds from any plants you’ve found, and extra mech modules that change your carrying capacity, fuel capacity, or the ability to dual-wield basic tools are also available for trade at the merchant shop.

Death is not a part of Lightyear Frontier’s survival strategy. There are obstacles in the way of developing a sustainable farm, even if there are no fail states.

Crops are impacted by weather, for instance. When it rains, you won’t need to water them as much, but if you haven’t provided them with cover, other elements may still be able to injure them.

You also run with strange flora that really detest water as you explore further of the globe.

What is the price of Lightyear Frontier and where can I get it?

Release date for Lightyear Frontier - Everything We Know

The PC version of Lightyear Frontier is accessible via Steam. Closer to the time of release, its Xbox equivalent will arrive on the Microsoft Store. The price has not yet been disclosed, but in the coming months, additional information should become available.

Trailer for Lightyear Frontier



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