League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games. It has been praised for its gameplay, graphics and community in contrast to other MOBAs. Players assume the role of an unseen “summoner,” whose objective is to lead their team of champions against another team of champions while defending their own base.

The lol how to get s rank as support is a guide that will teach you how to get an S Rank with every champion in League of Legends.

After completing a game, every LoL player hopes to see that lovely S rank appear. After all, it’s evidence that you were one of the greatest players in the battle and that you and your champion performed to the highest level possible.

But what factors go into determining your rank at the end of each game? Is it the amount of kills, the number of objectives you obtained, or the speed with which the game was completed?

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To all of the aforementioned, the answer is yes. There’s a lot more to it than that, however.

We’ll go through the different variables that influence your rank and show you how to achieve a S rank in League of Legends in this tutorial. It’s time to get started if you’re ready to raise your rank.

In League of Legends, here’s how you get a S.

Before we get into the details of how to earn a S in League of Legends, there’s one thing you should know. That is to say, Riot has not revealed the precise criteria or scoring systems that they employ to determine rank. Players have determined what the overall circumstances are throughout time, and we’ve compiled that information for you here.

Unfortunately, there will be instances in which you believe you deserve a better grade but the game chooses differently.

Now that we’ve cleared everything out, let’s move on to the most crucial aspect of all: your performance!

Exceptional Results

Profile-Overview Profile Overview Riot Games courtesy of HGG

Your performance isn’t evaluated against the opposing team or your own allies when determining your rank. Instead, all of the other players are assigned to the same champion.

That’s correct, your performance is compared to that of every other player on the planet.

Even if you perform 15/0/10 in a game, if other players do even better with the same champion, you may not earn a S rank. 

You can earn a S rank even if you lose the game, as long as you performed well on your champion.

Thankfully, the champion’s ranking is based on his or her average performance. An S rating is achievable if you do much better than the average player on the same champion.

Mastery-Score Mastery Score Riot Games courtesy of HGG

Naturally, champions with a low selection rate are simpler to achieve S rankings on, since there is less competition against which your performance will be judged. This is especially true if the champion is relatively new, since other players are still learning how to play them. This implies that the champion’s average performance will be lower, but if you can play them well, it may be good enough at the moment to merit a S rank.

Champions with high pick rates, on the other hand, imply you’ll be up against a lot of opposition. It doesn’t help that champions with high skill ceilings are more likely to be chosen. Consider the case of Ezreal. The average Ezreal player isn’t great, but the greatest of them can rack up insane scores that push the average over the top.

When a champion receives buffs or nerfs, the average threshold for that champion will change after a few weeks. In terms of learning how to obtain a S in League of Legends, depending on how much the balance adjustment impacts your playstyle and desire to keep playing that champion, this may make it tougher or easier for you.

Role and K/D/A

Example-Game-1 Example Game Riot Games courtesy of HGG

The meat and potatoes of your rating score. Naturally, you want as many kills are possible, as few fatalities as possible, and as many assists as possible. Having a high CS score also helps a lot, so practice last-hitting minions!

The most important aspect, though, is to keep your death count low. You can typically get away with three deaths before your chances of obtaining a S rank start to dwindle. It doesn’t mean getting one is impossible, but your kills and assists will have to much outnumber your fatalities to make it worthwhile.

Furthermore, the role you play has a significant effect on how strongly your K/D/A is weighted. 

When studying how to obtain a S in League of Legends, single laners and damage dealers, such as bruisers and ADCs, must ensure that they have a high kill count. Above all, maintain delivering as much harm as possible while avoiding death. Even those assists will matter a lot if you’re doing a lot of damage (albeit more kills = more money = greater damage output with gear).

Supports and tanks, on the other hand, prefer to focus on remaining alive and striking the opponent with their CC abilities. More points are awarded to your score the more you perform your job correctly (such as landing a Morgana Q bound or reducing damage with Janna’s E shield). Assists usually account for the majority of your score, however Riot seems to have forgotten to devalue kills for assistance. 

All the better for your score if you wind up with a lot of kills. Simply ensure that the rest of your squad has enough gold to keep you in the game!

Mastery-Loading-Screen Mastery Loading Screen Riot Games courtesy of HGG

The Game’s Length

We need to talk about how the game’s duration affects how to earn a S in League of Legends before we get into the other variables. As the game progresses, the S rank barrier becomes lower.

When you’re performing really well throughout a game, it tends to make things simpler for you. However, it also means there are more chances to make mistakes and die a lot.

You won’t usually receive a S rating for games that are less than 20 minutes long. You just don’t have enough time to collect enough points to achieve a S rank unless you single-handedly destroy the opposing team. Before 20 minutes, I’m talking about going 10/0/5 at the opposing nexus. If you succeed, there’s a possibility you’ll be rewarded with a short game S rank.


Your eyesight score may frequently determine whether you get an A or S grade. This is especially true if you’re aiming for the coveted S+ rating.

Ward Ward Riot Games is a video game publisher.

To get the most points out of a ward, make sure it detects enemy presence, lives as long as possible, and is placed in enemy area as often as feasible. Tossing a ward into the Baron pit when the enemy is on it, for example, will get you more points than if it were empty. 

To put it another way, the more value and information you receive from a ward, the higher your vision score will be.

Furthermore, you should attempt to tear down hostile wards as soon as possible. You will get extra points if you kill an enemy ward with a longer lifetime.

A vision score of 25 or above is typical for your rank score. Increasing it to 40 or higher is the best method to maximize the points your eyesight score contributes to your overall ranking.

Control that is objective

Participating in every main goal is an easy method to improve your rank score. Taking opponent towers/inhibitors, taking enemy jungle camps, and battling for the Baron/Dragon all help you get points. Even if it’s just a single hit, you’ll receive full credit if you took part.

Impressive plays, like as taking Baron from the opponent while not even being the jungler, are rewarded more points, although regular involvement in objectives is also important.

This has a much greater effect on your score if you’re playing the jungler. Even though your K/D/A score is low, you may achieve a S rank if you secure objectives and camps. Having a higher one certainly makes things simpler.

Off-Meta Roles are roles that exist outside of the metaverse.

The-Best-Off-Meta-Supports-in-LoL-1024x604 The Best Off-Meta Supports in LoL Riot Games is a video game publisher.

As a disclaimer, champions who can be played in various roles or players that just use their champion in non-meta positions (such as Garen support) will have their score adjusted. 

Rather of being compared to your champion’s normal performance, the game takes into account the fact that you’re playing them off-meta. Taking solo-laner mages and placing them into a support position is a common example (ex. Xerath or Brand as the support).

To see whether you’re following an unusual path, the game looks at your gear, summoner spells (mostly smite for jungling), and which lane you spend the most time in.

However, it is primarily split into three groups: laners, supporters, and junglers. Using the previous example, putting Garen in bot lane as an ADC has the same weight as putting him in top lane by himself. If he were jungling, however, the game would recognize that he is not in his normal top lane role and adjust his rank score appropriately.

We don’t suggest using this method to achieve S rankings since champions are typically stronger in their traditional positions. You’re also more likely to enrage your colleagues and lower their productivity.

Why Should You Aim for S Rank? The Victory’s Bounty

Mastery-Emote Mastery Emote Riot Games is a video game publisher.

What good is it to learn how to obtain a S in League of Legends? Prestige is the same as every other ranking statistic in the game.

Your rank score is added to a champion’s mastery every time you complete a game on that champion. Because you can flash a mastery emote in game, it’s just a method to show off how much experience you have with a certain champion.

Higher rank scores indicate quicker mastery. Once you achieve rank 5, you must acquire mastery tokens in order to advance to the next tier. 

You’ll be given a champion-specific mastery token if you achieve an S- level or above. To advance to level 6, you’ll need two of these tokens.

To advance from rank 6 to rank 7, you’ll need three mastery tokens, which you can only get if you have a S or S+ level. If you want to achieve mastery 7, you’ll need to be at the top of your game.

Keep in mind that you can only receive mastery tokens after you’ve reached level 5 with a champion. If you’re at rank 4 or below, even obtaining a S+ won’t get you one, but knowing how to achieve S rank in LoL can’t hurt.

Additionally, if someone in your pre-made party achieves an S- level or above, you may win a Hextech Chest once per champion every season. You may only get 4 chests each month, however.

HighGroundGaming_highGroundView_br HighGroundGaming_highGroundView_br


That concludes our League of Legends tutorial on how to obtain a S. We hope it’s been useful in planning your journey to magnificent mastery 7 with your chosen hero. Leave any more thoughts or questions in the comments section below! Maintain your competitive edge with the newest articles and tips from High Ground Gaming.

The league of legends s rank requirements is a guide that will teach you how to get an S Rank with every champion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What determines S rank in lol?

The rank of S is determined by a players behavior in the game. This includes things such as how often you play, whether youre toxic to your team, and if youre generally a good player.

How are S calculated in league?

S is calculated by adding up the total kills of a player in a game.

How do I get an S ADC?

The short answer is that you cannot. However, there are a few ways to get an S ADC.

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