Middle-earth Online, or LOTRO, has had a new producer for a while now, but no one quite knew who the new guy was. Well, in the last update on March 19th of the new Producer, the new guy’s name was revealed. His name is Alan D. Caves.

LOTRO gets a new producer, finally allows Anor transfers. T he Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) subreddit is filled with posts about new content. Yet to hear the community’s complaints, it seems like a very long time since the last expansion was released. The last expansion, Riders of Rohan, was released in 2014, and there have been no more releases since.

You might have heard that the LOTRO developers are going to have a new producer, but have you heard that it’s finally going to be possible to transfer characters from Anorien to the mainland? Now you can!!

word-image-15433 You know what’s been under the radar this week Lord of the Rings Online – at least if you haven’t been reading the forums? MMO has a new producer who joined us after working on mobile games at another studio. Rania issued an opening statement clarifying that he is not replacing Rob Ciccolini as executive producer: I believe that MMOs in general, and LOTRO in particular, have many interesting features that will appeal to players for decades to come. It is now my privilege to help make this happen. Additionally, the announcement of the closure of the Ithil progression server by of LOTRO certainly shook things up in Middle-earth. While SSG tries to answer the many additional questions surrounding this decision, the studio has also succumbed to player pressure and finally allowed paid character transfers from another progressive server, Anor. We are pleased to announce that the transfer of Anor characters and shared items to any of the non-Legendary game worlds is now possible, SSG said in a statement. Please note that once characters or shared items are transferred out of Anor, it is IMPOSSIBLE to transfer these characters or shared items back into Anor. In addition, the player can easily switch from Anor to the American or European game world. In other Itil closure related news:

. ViewThe LOTRO team has announced that they will be welcoming a new producer to the LOTRO team. This new producer, whose full name is Alexander Ekdahl, has previously worked on multiple titles, including Nexon’s MapleStory, Trion’s Trove, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He’ll be focusing on LOTRO’s future, so this is exciting news for those who like to look forward.. Read more about lotro 2021 and let us know what you think.

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