The MMO business world has been bubbling over with news this week, but here are three stories that caught our eye. First, the sandbox indie MMO The Repopulation saw a major update recently that added a number of new features to the game. Next, the big news from the gaming news network Kotaku this week is that Reddit has hired several new staff members to help build a gaming-focused company . Finally, the founders of a new online game studio, Clockwork Labs , have revealed a number of interesting details about their upcoming sandbox MMO, Wayward .

We have a lot of amazing things happening in the world of online gaming. We’ve got a new sandbox project from Clockwork Labs and a new MMORPG from WildStar developers, we’ve seen a pretty big milestone for Guild Wars 2 and we’ve also got a new project from the guys at Star Wars: The Old Republic. But we also have a lot of smaller projects and startups to keep an eye on as well.



Hello and welcome back to another collection of MMO and MMO-related industry news. It’s all about business!

Clockwork Labs: Clockwork Labs, a brand-new indie gaming company, has raised $4.3 million in the United States for their “unannounced community sandbox MMORPG.” The company is “dedicated to creating massively-multiplayer “societal games” that are less focused on pure combat and instead promote social interaction and collaboration amongst players,” according to the news release. CCP Games’ Hilmar Pétursson has invested in the game, which would allegedly “include a really unique degree of social interaction and collaboration amongst players.”

LOTRO Forums: Roger over at Contains Moderate Peril discovered that LOTROCommunity, which had taken over hosting the data from Codemasters’ previous forums, would be shutting down next month, owing to a lack of participation. Of course, the change has no bearing on SSG’s forums.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene is moving on, announcing this week that his business, PlayerUnknown Productions, has exited its position as a Krafton substudio, but Krafton will retain a minority interest in the company. “Exploring the technologies required to allow enormous scale inside open-world games,” the independent company says.

NPIXEL: According to MMO Culture, due to a new funding round, Gran Saga creator NPIXEL is now valued at more over 1 trillion (yes, trillion) Korean Won, or roughly $860 million USD.

Gamescom 2021 drew 5.8 million live viewers at its digital opening event last week, up 30% from the digital version in 2020, with a concurrent audience of 2 million. “In all, 13 million people watched gamescom shows this year, up 30% from the previous year. More than 180 nations across the world tuned in to watch gamescom.”

MY.GAMES: As part of MY.GAMES’ worldwide growth plan to strengthen the company’s position in the global gaming industry, the games business has invested “€3.5 million in the PC and console games production firm The Breach Studios located in Barcelona.” That’s around $4.15 million in US dollars.

Finally, Kotaku has a nice article on the Hangzhou metro in Zhejiang, China, which has been adorned to commemorate League of Legends’ tenth anniversary in the country.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of League’s Chinese server pic, train carriages in Hangzhou have been decorated like various League locations.

August 30, 2021 — lolweibo (not a rioter) (@lolweibo en)

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