Mobile game A3 Still Alive is adding a dungeon that awards cryptocurrency next month. The team behind the title has also been working on implementing blockchain into in-game transactions and integrating an AI chatbot for its player community.

The “a3: still alive global release date” is the date that the game will be released for all of its platforms. The game has been in development since 2014 and is scheduled to launch on April 3rd, 2019.

Mobile MMO A3 Still Alive is adding a dungeon that awards cryptocurrency next month


The mobile MMO A3: Still Alive will introduce a new dungeon next month that will award players with a new cryptocurrency, in a move that publisher Netmarble describes as “a long-term and future-oriented area of investment” that will “provide extensive value to players via digital ownership of items.” Because, as we all know, coin is some of the most sought-after prize from dungeon loot tables.

Inetrium is the name of the cryptocoin in question, and it is one of the primary prizes from the Interion Dungeon, a level 190 instance. However, getting this new cryptocurrency is not as easy as seeing it drop from a dungeon; players may get Interion Ore by energizing a Feather of Protection, which can then be refined into the Inetrium coin. Inetrium coins will be “a currency for growth in-game,” according to a video accompanying the announcement, and will have real-world worth for real-world economic transactions. “Eventually.” The video in question may be seen below.

In other Netmarble news, the company’s US subsidiary will collaborate with Kabam, the makers of the Marvel Contest of Champions smartphone game. Kabam has taken the next stage after being bought by Netmarble in 2017. Simon Sim, the president of Netmarble US, will take over as Kabam’s new COO while continuing to head Netmarble US and its subsidiary studio Kung Fu Factory. Kabam will “have the size and expanded ability to flourish in game publishing and compete more effectively in today’s ever-changing industry” as a result of their joining forces. ylWD2IxplY


The “a3 still alive nft” is a mobile MMO that just added a new dungeon that awards cryptocurrency. The game will also have a new update next month with more content and changes to the game.

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