As the battle royale game Mortal Online 2 approaches its first birthday, many players are struggling to find an enjoyable experience with a largely unresponsive team.

Mortal Online 2 is a new MMORPG that has been released on Steam. The game has been plagued with server queues, login issues, and unhappy players.

Mortal Online 2 wrestles with server queues, login issues, and unhappy players


Remember when we noted that Mortal Online 2 was having a pretty good launch overall? Well, that appears to have turned south as players across the forums and social media are reporting major login problems and server queue issues.

The server load troubles seem to be linked to an ever-increasing player count, with the game reaching a new all-time high of over 9,000 players and a 41% increase in player counts in December. As players go out of Haven’s beginning zone, the troubles are mostly faced on Myrland’s main continent.

The server issues have sparked heated discussion postings, with one advocating that the server, especially those in Myrland, be erased; other players are advising users to remain in the Haven region for the time being. Meanwhile, a number of scathing reviews have appeared on the game’s Steam website, advising players to avoid the MMO in its present condition.

Star Vault is clearly aware of the issue, as it has implemented a temporary fix that would force idle users off the server after five minutes of inactivity rather than four hours, and CEO Henrik Nystrom has said that the team has met with networking specialists to resolve its issues.

“The good news is that we now have a clear understanding of the major problems and how to address them.” This will take a few days to completely implement in the manner we need it to. We’ll have a queue number and a completely functional login step as a result of this. We’ve identified the login bounces we’ve had so far, and we know what we need to do to fix this as well.”

In the meanwhile, Nystrom is urging players to be patient, refrain from sending developers DMs, and stay in Haven for the time being. He also mentions that the game’s membership price would be suspended until the server issues are resolved.


The “mortal online 2 discord” is a game that has been struggling with server queues, login issues, and unhappy players. The developers are working on fixing these problems.

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