Origin 3 is launching on May 26, and with mobile preregistration already underway. If you’re waiting to play Mu Origin 3 until it launches in the App Store or Google Play, there are still opportunities left for players to purchase a digital beta key!

The “mu origin 3 update” is a game that will be released on May 26. It will have mobile preregistration already underway.

Mu Origin 3 launches May 26, with mobile preregistration already underway


Did the MU series really need another installment? Do you know how many games there are in the franchise? I could try, but I’m sure I’d miss one, and it doesn’t matter since this is already happening: MU Origin 3 is coming soon, according to FingerFun, as soon as next week, on May 26th. This mobile MMO boasts three profession classes with six branches, a trade system, demon-slaying content, a big fantasy realm, an underwater city, cross-server warfare, 3v3 arenas, and full character customization for both iOS and Android.

“MU Origin 3 is a radical reworking of the original MU series, one that soars into full, stunning 3D graphics in a massive globe spanning over 5 million square meters, freeing itself from the typical 2.5D viewpoint.” Explore the highest peaks of the Glacial Peaks, seek the ocean’s deepest depths for riches, and do it all in up to 120 frames per second. FingerFun used Unreal Engine 4 to create MU Origin 3, which enabled the game’s trademark free flying combat and accurately generated textures on clothes and armor.”

Preregistration is now available on Android and iOS, with exclusives and cash awaiting those who do so.


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