A developer of the popular Myth of Empires game on Steam is appealing his ban from creating new games on Valve’s platform, after a court order demanded that he provide source code access to an expert who will act as a neutral. The decision could have wide implications for other developers and how they use their intellectual property rights.

The “myth of empires” is a game that was banned from the Steam platform. The developers have appealed the ban in court, and are seeking to find an expert who can help them prove their point.

Myth of Empires dev appeals Steam ban in court as infringement case seeks source code expert


The legal drama produced by Myth of Empires, a multiplayer strategic survival game, has taken another slow, sluggish step ahead. Snail Games accused Myth creator Angela Game, which is made up of former Snail Games developers, of copyright infringement, claiming that Angela’s developers took code from ARK: Survival Evolved to create Myth. This led in a DMCA strike and the eventual removal of Myth from Steam’s marketplace, as well as countersuits from both parties.

While Angela Game is still selling its survival game directly, it also seems to wish to return to Steam, which takes us to Angela Game’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals petition, originally reported by MMO Fallout. This fresh file requests that Steam list Myth once again, and it has been issued a docket number as of this writing.

Meanwhile, the court overseeing the main infringement case has ordered Snail Games and Angela Game to agree on an impartial expert to evaluate the source code for Myth, which is at the center of the issue, by February 19th. If neither party is able to locate such expert, both parties must submit two recommended experts from which the court will pick.

Readers may remember that similar situations have occurred in the past; for example, in the early 2000s, NCsoft won a criminal court win and forced a civil settlement with ex-NCsoft workers who were found guilty of stealing Lineage III assets in order to construct TERA.


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