Infinite Lagrange , which goes live on June 14th, is a multiplayer online game in which players will be able to explore a universe filled with other players from other universes. Take control of your ship, navigate an endless universe, and have a blast!

In late 2013 NetEase (NASDAQ: NTZ) launched a new MMO title based on a sci-fi universe called Infinite Lagrange. The game has strong sci-fi roots and was designed to appeal to the online community. The game features a massive online world for players to explore, with a unique and rich social experience. And at the end of last year, NetEase launched a companion mobile game called Infinite Lagrange: Online.

I really like how NetEase has been doing lately with their gaming titles. They have been releasing more and more titles that are cross-platform, with the option to play on multiple operating systems, and at least on the Android platform the games are just as optimized. Infinite Lagrange is no exception to this, with the game running smoothly on all the different devices I have tested it on (yes, including my Nook Tablet) it runs well on Tegra 2, 3 and 4.

word-image-1333 NetEase is launching a new online game today: It is called Infinite Lagrange, and it is a multiplayer sci-fi strategy simulator with a striking aesthetic EVE Online. The game was released earlier this year in Europe, but today’s launch is for North and South America. The game includes expanding areas, unlocking ships, engaging in great battles, exploring and hunting for treasure. Infinite Lagrange offers players an immersive world that combines a real-time multiplayer experience with exciting strategy mechanics with infinite limits, giving explorers maximum freedom to choose their own path. Players can create the space alliance of their choice and have full control over building their fleet, conquering unknown territories and expanding their galactic presence by building stations across the galaxy. Infinite Lagrange features stunning, cinematic 3D battle scenes, Hollywood space opera sound design, and a captivating art style that provides the universe explorer with subtle details. Behind the beautiful images and sounds is a long and deep story that begs to be enjoyed. NetEase is of course partnering with CCP Games to develop EVE Echoes, a mobile EVE game. So if you want something closer to an MMORPG, you can already play it. If you like strategy games, you now have this game, and it’s available on PC, Android and Apple devices. Finally, if you’re wondering what the game is called, I have a little science lesson for you: These are Lagrange points, named after the physicist Joseph-Louis Lagrange; in fact, they are stable orbital points.

. ViewThe online multiplayer action role-playing game (MMORPG) is a particularly popular genre of video game. The genre’s popularity stems from the fact that MMORPGs, unlike many other video games, require a constant group of players to be connected to the same server to play. This is because skills and abilities of players are constantly evolving through the use of in-game currency, which is received for completing quests and missions.. Read more about infinite lagrange release date and let us know what you think.

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