You are an ice wizard. You have a mighty staff that can freeze enemies and propel you to the top of any level, as well as cast powerful spells for your own amusement. Your adversaries will be crushed by their cold embrace without mercy or remorse! Let’s put our ingenuity to good use with various build setups.

The “new world ice gauntlet pvp build” is a new build that was released by the developers of the game. The build is specifically for PvP and includes some amazing skills for those who are looking to dominate in PVP.

New World: Best Ice Gauntlet Builds

The ice gauntlet is one of New World’s more unusual weapons. This tutorial will explain how to play the ice gauntlet and which builds are optimal. A bit of a spoiler: the greatest ones are quite similar, however it depends on whether you want to play alone or with others.

Ice-Gauntlet-Attack-1024x576 Ice Gauntlet Attack / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

What exactly is an Ice Gauntlet?

The ice gauntlet is one of New World’s four magical weapons. The ice gauntlet focuses on crowd management and ranged damage. Because its damage scales with intellect, you’ll want to invest the most points in that attribute as you level.

What is the Gameplay of the Ice Gauntlet?

The ice gauntlet wants you to perform two things in particular. You want to strike from afar and have complete control over your opponent’s movement, or lack thereof. To that aim, we’ll examine the several abilities that will aid you in your endeavor.

Ice Gauntlet Forms on a New World

Here are the talents that you can use with the Ice Gauntlet.

Ice Pylon

Ice-Pylon-New-World-1024x576 Ice Pylon New World / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

The Builder skill tree’s first active talent, Ice Pylon, is possibly the greatest skill the ice gauntlet has to offer. You conjure an ice pylon in front of you, as the name implies. The pylon serves as a form of turret cannon, and if used correctly, it will provide the bulk of your damage.

The Specs

Ice Pylon lasts 15 seconds or until it is destroyed. It has a range of 20 meters and does 50% weapon damage to enemies it strikes. It costs fifteen mana to activate and has a 9.8-second cooldown before you may summon another.

The Good

I’m not sure what to say. It’s an unrestricted source of harm. Pylon Refresh transforms your already decent pylon into an insanely good pylon if you invest the four points to completely enhance your pylon (excluding the capstone ability). Do you recall how your pylon barely lasted fifteen seconds? It now lasts an extra one second for every successful hit on an adversary, up to forty-five seconds. This translates to 45 seconds of warfare for every 9.8 seconds of conflict without a pylon.

The Bad

Do you recall when the pylon was destroyed? Well, it certainly can be. It has minimal hit points, and if you’re facing numerous adversaries, chances are one of them will go for it. Also, your pylon may out DPS you and grab the enemy’s attention.

The Final Word

Ice Pylon is your most powerful talent, and it’s well worth the six skill levels it costs.

Shower of ice

Ice-Shower-1024x576 Shower of ice / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Shower of ice is the second active skill in the Builder tree, and frankly, I found it a bit underwhelming.

The Specs

Shower of ices creates a 1m by 5m frosted area (that is an important keyword) that lasts for four seconds. Any enemy who steps into the area is rooted to the ground for one second, and then suffers frostbite (another important keyword), thus having their movement speed reduced by 50% for three seconds. The skill costs twenty-five mana and has a whopping 29.5 second cooldown.

The Good

Shower of ice slows enemies and enables two important keywords, those being frosted area and frostbite. Many of the ice gauntlet’s Passive abilities proc off of those two keywords, making Shower of ice a decent enabler.

The Bad

Shower of ice’s dimensions are a bit too narrow for my liking, making for an awkward AOE. And while it does slow movement, there are better abilities for keeping enemies at a distance.

The Final Word

In Single-player mode, I was unimpressed by the ability, but I believe it may be much more powerful with a group (a tank keeping the enemies attention makes it much more likely to hit, and the slow would perhaps matter more).


Entombed-New-World-1024x576 Entombed New World / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Entombed is my second favorite active talent in the ice gauntlet arsenal, however it is one that I believe is mostly discretionary.

The Specs

Entombed is a ten-second spell that costs no mana. You are indestructible and your mana regen is considerably improved when encased, but you are unable to move or attack. You may halt the impact early by hitting block while engulfed. You may terminate the effect early and invest ten mana for a knockback attack by pressing light attack. And there’s still another 29.5 second cooldown.

The Good

Entombed is your get out of jail free card if you find yourself in a tough place with 0 mana. Furthermore, although it does not heal you, if you get all of its upgrades, Entombed will erase all of your status conditions and offer you a 25% armor boost for three seconds once free, considerably enhancing your survivability.

The Bad

Entombed is a situational game, and you’re in it with your back against the wall. That is not an ideal situation for a talent.

The Final Word

Entombed is a powerful spell, but only under certain circumstances. You shouldn’t need it if you follow the technique of preserving your distance and effectively handling your adversaries.

Spikes of Ice

Ice-Spike-New-World-1024x576 Spikes of Ice- best ice gauntlet builds / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

My least favorite active skill for an ice gauntlet build, it is the first active skill of the Ice Tempest tree. It creates a linear blast of Spikes of Ice in front of you that can push enemies back.

The Specs

The line of Spikes of Ice is 8m and it deals 56% weapon damage. At the end is a mighty spike that deals 157% weapon damage and can knock back enemies. It costs fifteen mana and has a 9.8 second cooldown.

The Good

Ice Spike has a lot of power. If you increase the talent, it may push foes back and even stagger them.

The Bad

Spikes of Ice’ big thing is the mighty spike at the end. Frankly it is difficult to time the skill such that the mighty spike connects, and without it, the whole thing is rather lackluster. Plus there is better knockback/control options in the skill trees.

The Final Word

Ice Spike may be pretty powerful if you practice with it and master the timing. Aside from that, not so much. And although the last improvement, Spikey Reach, makes the huge spike easier to strike, I don’t believe it’s worth investing four of your twenty skill points on.

Cold Wind

Wind-Chill-New-World-1024x576 Cold Wind Ice Gauntlet Builds / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Another active skill I like. Cold Wind is good for dealing some damage and keeping your distance.

The Specs

Cold Wind has a range of 7m and does 20% weapon damage, pushing enemies back 5m. The last 2m of the attack deal an additional 20% damage but do not push back enemies. It costs twenty mana and has a 14.7 cooldown.

The Good

You do fair damage while preventing your opponents from closing in on you. You may also move while using the skill, enabling you to go farther away from your opponent.

The Bad

Cold Wind’s two upgrades are a bit meh to be honest. Another 25% damage increase on the last 2m from Chilling Blast is nice, but the damage on Cold Wind is more of a side benefit than the main focus of the ability.

The Final Word

Solid talent. It is excellent at what it does. However, I’m not sure whether the enhancements are worth two more points.

Ice Storm

Ice-Storm-New-World-1024x576 Ice Storm / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Your main AOE skill is Ice Storm. Drop a huge circle of ice for some fun.

The Specs

It’s a five-second storm with a 5m radius that does 17 percent weapon damage to all opponents inside it every.33 seconds. Ice Storm also generates a frosted area that slows down enemies by 25%. It costs twenty-five mana and has a cooldown of 19.6 seconds.

The Good

It’s a good AOE that slows down foes. The upgrades are very fantastic, particularly the second one, Storm Summoner, which decreases the mana cost by 80% if you cast it when at full stamina.

The Bad

When an opponent is charging you, the AOE may be difficult to place, and it can be difficult to keep targets inside the AOE’s radius while keeping your distance.

The Final Word

Ice Storm is a powerful spell, but it’s best used in groups when you can throw it from a distance focused on your tank. It’s more difficult to make effective use of in single play.

The Constructions

Ice-Gauntlet-Skill-Menu-New-World-1024x576 Ice Gauntlet Skill Menu New World / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

The two main builds for Ice Gauntlet are Single-player mode and Multiplayer, in my opinion.

Single-player mode

Ice Pylon is your best friend, upgrade the bejesus out of it. Plonk a pylon down then keep your distance and pelt your enemies with light and heavy attacks. Use Cold Wind when enemies close the gap. But don’t just move away in a straight line. If you do, you’ll get too far away from your pylon, and you might trigger the enemy’s reset, then they’ll heal and return to their spawn point. For this build Entombed is a fun, but optional choice.

Single-player mode Passive abilities

All of the pylon’s powers, all of them. You’re looking for Refreshing Pylon. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to gain an extra thirty seconds of free DPS. The remaining passive abilities are less useful for the build, however Defiant Freeze, which gives you 20% fortify for two seconds whenever you perform an ice gauntlet ability, is useful.

Capstone Ability

Although I know my motto is “upgrade pylon, upgrade pylon,” I find Ultimate Frost’s perks to be disappointing and prefer the damage increase of Ultimate Chills.


Ice Storm and Shower of ice get much better in the Multiplayer build. Since you’ll likely stay in the back and throw out long range skills, you don’t need to prioritize your survivability as much, so while still fun, Entombed is probably not very relevant in this build. Cold Wind becomes less useful in this context but could still be worth taking. Ice Pylon will still be great, because Ice Pylon is always great (we must construct additional pylons).

Passive abilities

The upgrades to Ice Storm and Shower of ice become a lot stronger when playing with a group, as each ability is better the more enemies it hits, so centering them on the party tank is great. The other Passive abilities that shine in this context are the abilities that proc off of a frosted area or an enemy with frostbite such as Heavy Freeze (which can root enemies), because Ice Storm and Shower of ice will create those conditions frequently.

Capstone Ability

I’d have to agree that Ultimate Chill is superior here as well. It increases the damage dealt by your ice gauntlet abilities by 25% for three seconds. It’s great on your own, but it’s much better with buddies to benefit from.

Other Resources

Character-Select-Screen-New-World-1-1024x576 Character Select Screen New World / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Aside from the ice gauntlet itself, the last element of the puzzle is what kind of clothing you should wear.

Your ice gauntlet scales with intellect, so you’ll need intelligence-boosting equipment first. Your secondary weapon will determine the second trait you want.

As far as type of armor, for both Single-player mode and Multiplayer versions of the build I recommend trying to keep your equipment load in the light category as this will give you the best dodge, which helps especially in the Single-player mode build’s run and gun strategy. However if you want the greater protection of heavier armor, that is also reasonable, and could be more applicable to the Multiplayer build.

Participate in the High Ground

That’s the ice gauntlet in a nutshell. This is the weapon for you if you want to slow down your foes and remain out of reach as you and your friends pelt them to death.

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The “ice gauntlet new world build pve” is a build that has been modified for the Path of Exile’s Bestiary League. This league features many new monsters and bosses, so it is important to have builds that are able to deal with them. The build uses ice spells to freeze enemies in place and then kill them quickly.

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