On paper, Soulstorm was a bit of a disappointment. It was one of the few titles not to get a new trailer at E3 2012 , and no one had much faith in it to retain the critical support it had earned from the first game, Stranger’s Wrath. It was released to a chorus of critical indifference and, for a while after launch, the series’ new home at Rebellion had a hard time even keeping itself afloat. The series had to learn the hard way that, for all its charms, it’s a game that needs a big audience, and with no nice presents for that Christmas in the form of a number cruncher, the inevitable happened: Soulstorm died.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is a retro-inspired third-person shooter that’s a throwback to the days of playing games on the PC. So, it’s a bit of a mix between an old-school first-person shooter and a third-person action title. It’s a game that’s all about nostalgia, and it’s designed to pull you back to those golden days of being a kid.

Following the release of Oddworld: in 2014, New ‘n’ Tasty re-released Oddworld:. Abe’s Oddysey for modern material, Oddworld: Soulstorm also refers to Oddworld: Exodus Abe. At first glance, this is a bright and colorful reprint of the same, but on a larger scale, riotous platformer filled with the same chaotic energy Abe is known for. Unfortunately, his looks are about all he can do. Oddworld: Soulstorm is a glitchy, shallow remake that lacks much of the quirkiness that made the first Abe games so memorable. Instead we have lush scaling, lots of numbers, and collecting as a way to cover nostalgia that is just repetitive, and not very successful in that area. It’s not good, and at best it’s an indictment of the worst habits of big budget video games these days.

Oddworld: Overview of the Soul Storm – Revolution by Numbers

word-image-14038 My time with Oddworld : Soulstorm started off well enough. In one of the first episodes, you must try to protect the hundreds of fleeing Mudocons from the fire of the Sligs coming at them. You have to grab one of the armed guards and use him as cover while you take out the others. After a few tries, I decided to resign myself to the nine lost Mudocons and continue the game without them, promising myself to come back later for a perfect score. It was the lash of tone in this part that surprised me. After a few relatively easy puzzles, Soulstorm suddenly gave me several dozen lives. In the introduction, Abe learned that the rebellion he started on Rupture Farm was just the beginning, and that the rest of his people needed him to continue it. It was a game that told me to take this responsibility seriously. Or so I thought. But the further I got, the more I realized that those moments were rare, and that the rest was just rummaging in boxes and closets, throwing smoke bombs, and hoping that the slime that had just stopped wouldn’t start again. In Soulstorm, it’s not only satisfying to bring all the Mudocons in the area to the portal or work on the right timing to get past enemies, but also to spend hours working with unpredictable artificial intelligence and watching the meaningless rewards pile up. Sections are best when they are simple. If it’s just Abe, a series of platforms and obstacles, and some slugs on patrol, then it’s the same Oddworld you remember. I walk on my toes, try to hide, curse myself for running instead of walking, or vice versa. The slightest mistake can cost you a shot, and that tension remains a powerful driving force.

Noisy and broken

word-image-14039 Oddworlders have learned something from Just Add Water’s work on New ‘n’ Tasty. The controls are considerably better, as running and stealth have been moved to two separate shoulder buttons instead of the thumbstick. But this elegance is lacking elsewhere. When confrontation with environmental factors or mud characters takes over, things quickly go wrong. Mortars in a scene are an absolute pain in the ass. The sound of the bombs put the projectiles in a state of readiness, as if they had heard Abe, and passing them meant being careful not to fall into a trap that would not abate long enough to get me out. After that explosion, I was stuck at a checkpoint, and the fantasy adventure unwittingly turned into a kind of inert imitation of active fire in war. The situation is even worse when you have a group of Mudocons behind you. In portions, handle them. Others convince you to drop your helmets for a better life. The selection is made in the representation of the brothers and sisters. They all have the same American accent and when you tell them to stop, you get the answer Why are we stopping? that your antagonists will never hear. They must follow your movements, which means they sneak when you sneak, run when you run, and jump into accessible cabinets when you jump into them. With one or two it goes without a problem, with more there is regularly at least one deviation. I restarted several times because an order to shelter was ignored or someone on the other side of the gorge came up behind the group. To save them all, we must have the patience to look beyond the visible obstacles. They can’t keep up with you on the ladders, and some of the jumps are too big. I was devastated when I had to leave three of them behind because Slig had chased away the birds that were giving birth from the nearest porch. There were two possible loopholes, but they were only about to explode because neither was able to capitalize on them. I don’t know if it was a mistake or not, but it says a lot about how the Abe revolution was marketed. The first two Oddworld Oddworld games are strange in that they largely mirror the experiences that follow. Oddworld Inhabitants was developed in the wake of the 3D gaming explosion caused by the PlayStation. Co-founder Lorne Lanning, who has a background in film effects, rightly thought that’s where the money for insane 3D animations would come from.

Faded memories

word-image-14040 Oddysey and Exoddus are dark and unforgiving games, full of small details and solutions that could not be found anywhere else at the time they came out. For many, the first impression was learning Abe’s voice commands from the main menu, his huge round eyes staring at them as they farted at him over and over again. They took it from awkward conversations to world domination. You had to study each screen carefully before making a move, and save points were much scarcer. To succeed in these games, you’ll need nerves of steel, and at the end of it all, only one thing counts: saving every Mudocon. In Soulstorm, you get points for almost everything Abe touches. Tanks, drawers, shelters – if you click on a box and look around, there’s almost always a place for something. It’s not Ubisoft’s sandbox, but it’s just as full of forced ways to make you feel like exploration is important. It’s not necessary, because yes, I check every basket because I need materials to make it, because I want to save everyone. That it’s not rewarding enough is just cynical. Ironically, in an era when the fall of big business is more present in the public consciousness than in Abe’s time, he jumps through the hoops of business for a touch of your sentimentality. From time to time, a rather survivalist Abe comes around when you have to rely solely on your wits, in caves with very little light, defending yourself with rocks, and sleeping wild dogs. The treatment of sick people in these mines and the coordination of their journey to safety are the most fascinating aspects of Soulstorm . In a desperate cry, I rushed the sleeping dogs to follow me across the path to clear a path to the gate. It worked, and it took me a minute to come to my senses. Soulstorm is too busy handing out platinum medals for Dumpster Diving to make that investment last long. The truth is, it’s beautiful. The camera stays focused on Abe throughout the jumble of levels, moving obliquely and then obliquely to show the vastness and depth of the world you’re trying to escape from. Sometimes the gaze lingers on a landmark, a grand landscape that Abe avoids. I usually take a screenshot and enjoy the atmosphere. I wish these moments were surrounded by better gameplay.

Oddworld: Soulstorm Review – TheConclusion



  • Visually appealing
  • Good management


  • Poor artificial intelligence
  • Lots of mistakes.
  • Unnecessary number of collectibles
  • Insufficient voltage

As a free PS Plus game, Oddworld:. Soulstorm has some curiosity, but nothing more. Regular checkpoints allow you to play in quick sections, reducing the chance of a glitch. Longer sessions are often frustrating. Pity Oddworld : Abe’s Exoddus is currently only available on PS3, as it makes replaying attractive. At least these sligs are less prone to defects. [Note: The Oddworld:for PlayStation Plus version of Soulstorm was used for this review].

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