PlanetSide 2, one of the most popular games on PC with millions playing online daily has begun its new public testing. The update includes a number of changes including an updated menu and spawn changes to help give players more immersive experiences while making game play faster.

The “planetside 2 release date” is a new update for the game. It includes an updated menu, and spawn changes.

PlanetSide 2 begins public testing of new anti-material rifles, an updated menu, and spawn changes


The anti-material rifle (AMR) is a weapon that, like an anti-infantry sniper rifle, is especially intended to do damage to military facilities, equipment, and hardware at long ranges. Though current armor resistances have made these weapons less useful in contemporary combat, the weapon type is getting a fresh lease of life in PlanetSide 2’s next PTS release.

Each empire now has its own AMR, each with its own set of advantages against specific targets, such as NSO AMRs that prevent MAX units from being repaired, Vanu AMRs that can cleave through organic targets while firing at vehicles, and New Conglomerate AMRs that deliver a flak payload against aircraft. These new weaponry will also be available as a command line option for engineers.

With adjustments to many button positions, a new Exceptional VI directive line, and additional choices to turn off HUD indications, the current PTS release refines the game’s main menu. The build is also testing spawn adjustments, returning to parts of the so-called heritage respawn changes but with less limitations to avoid the spawn issues that plagued Oshur when it first debuted. The spawn alterations are described as “likely transient,” but these, along with others, may be worth visiting the PTS for.


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