Reddit is becoming more integrated with Crypto-Games, and that will change the industry in the next five years. The biggest issue for gamers today is game developers are not properly valuing players’ time or their data. In the future, games will be built to take advantage of blockchain technology even if it does increase development costs slightly.

“Future of cryptocurrency 2021” is a blog post by the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. In his blog post, he talks about how crypto gaming and players “being properly valued” for game time will be the norm in five years.

Reddit’s co-founder thinks crypto gaming and players ‘being properly valued’ for game time will be the norm in five years


The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, has looked into his crystal ball to see what the future of gaming will be like, and it sounds like white-hot rubbish. On the Where It Happens podcast, Ohanian discussed cryptocurrencies and made some wild predictions for gaming in the next five years:

“Ninety percent of individuals will not play a game unless their time is adequately appreciated. In five years, instead of being harvested for commercials or fleeced for money to purchase ridiculous hammers you don’t truly own, you’ll be playing some on-chain similar game that will be just as exciting, but you’ll actually earn value and be the harvester.”

Ohanian joins the likes of EA CEO Andrew Wilson and Square-Enix president Yosuke Matsuda as the latest games executive to attempt to popularize the play-to-earn concept.

We should point out that Ohanian is also the founder of Initialized Capital, an investment firm that has backed, among other things, Coinbase, a crypto exchange platform, so we’re confident that these predictions aren’t intended to lure people into the crypto pyramid scheme, which only works if there are enough rubes at the bottom; it’s all about the gamers, you guys.


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