With strong holiday sales, Sony has announced that it will continue to make PlayStation 4 consoles. This announcement comes after a report claimed the company had stopped making these devices because of poor sales.

The “cheap ps4 for sale” is a report that Sony is still making PlayStation 4 consoles. The report was released by the Wall Street Journal, and it has been confirmed by analysts.

Report: Sony Is Still Making PlayStation 4 Consoles


Sony is apparently still producing the PlayStation 4, despite the fact that it is over nine years old. According to a Bloomberg article, the PlayStation 5 is to blame.

It’s because of the PlayStation 5’s scarcity, especially. The console was released in November 2020, however finding it on retail shelves is very hard. Even when the supply is restored, it frequently runs out in a matter of minutes.

Some of this is related to supply chain concerns that affect the whole business. Processor supply continues to lag behind demand, a problem that has existed since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Then there’s the shortage of truck drivers and ports personnel, which has caused bottlenecks in a variety of businesses.

Sony needed to ease some of the pressure from the PlayStation 5’s high demand. As a result, it is said to have shifted its focus to the PlayStation 4 and increased manufacture of the older system.

The decision might potentially lead to a future commercial opportunity for Sony. With the increased manufacturing of the PlayStation 4, Sony may have more opportunity to negotiate terms with production partners.

The system might be positioned as a less expensive alternative to the PlayStation 5. However, it won’t do much to appease PlayStation 5 users who are frustrated by a scarcity of stock.

According to the article, this is not what Sony intended. According to reports, Sony intended to stop producing the PlayStation 4 by the end of 2021.

Sony isn’t the only game firm facing supply issues, as previously stated. The Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch are still hard to come by in stores.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sony still producing PS4?

A: Sony is still producing PlayStation 4 consoles, but they have discontinued production of the PS4 Slim and Pro.

Did they stop making PS4 consoles?

A: Yes, Sony stopped making new PS4 consoles in 2018.

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