In the original Resident Evil games, the player must collect all the parts of the Raccoon City Police Station that have been scattered throughout the city. In order to complete this task, the player must interact with the police station at random, and acquire all of the necessary parts to repair the police station. The player must also keep the police station intact, and avoid the zombies lurking outside.

Resident Evil 7 is coming out in less than two weeks, and while it will be a great game, it might not be a great Resident Evil game in the eyes of some. For me that is a problem, because I’m a huge fan of the series and I really thought that Resident Evil 7 would be the best game in the series ever. But we will have to see for ourselves, won’t we? In the meantime, I started thinking about how the game will look like, and how the villagers in the game will interact with their surroundings – like the villagers in the first Resident Evil games, and how the villagers in Resident Evil: Revelations (which I didn’t play, but I heard a lot of good things about) looked like.

Players who have reached 100% in Resident Evil Village can get stuck searching for goodies in the Luthier house. Some players in particular had trouble finding the code for the luthier to open the case. So where do I find the code to the safe and how do I get into the safe?

What is the Luthor code in Resident Evil Village

word-image-14830 word-image-14831 Code Luthier is the birthday of the previous owner’s daughter: 27-09-17. The date is on the drawing of the child in the kitchen of the house, to the left of the doorpost, above the refrigerator and the garbage bags. Upon opening, the player receives a treasure in the form of the Hreswelgrass steel, which is part of the Maestro collection. If you unlock the case with the code Luthier, you’ll get two rewards: Steel Hræsvelgr and F2 gun support. The Hræsvelgr can be sold for 14,000 lei, and the accessory is a large capacity magazine for the player’s sniper rifle. You might also find a piece of yellow quartz if you explore the house a little further. These goodies can be found on a mandolin hanging on the wall and on various other musical instruments. Stab it with a knife or other weapon and it will fall to the ground for you to pick up. House Luthier becomes available after defeating Donna Benevento. On the way back from the Benevento house, enter the house on the left. As soon as you enter, you’ll see a key on the table. The house of the violin maker himself is located in the western part of the old town, southeast of the statue of the Virgin of War. You will recognize it by the white guitar symbol on the front door. It should also be marked on the map with a gold box. When you enter the house, you will find a locked closet at the back of the house. Next to the cabinet, on the table, you’ll see a torn piece of paper that says: I’ll never forget his fifth birthday. This is your clue to finding the luthier’s code. And there you have it, the Luthier code and what you get when you find it. We hope this helps you in yourResident Eviladventure, whether you’re all about it or just need some extra cash. Looking for moreResident Evil Village?

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