Over the past few years, Scavengers has been one of the most beloved indie games. The game’s art style and take on what it means to be an NPC in a world without humans became something that fans could relate to. But after two major overhauls, including their recent announcement they are shutting down console development and launching maintenance mode for PC players only, many users have felt like Scavengers is no longer the same experience as before.

In a recent blog post, the developers of Scavengers announced that they are going to enter PC maintenance mode and can console development as their studio gets sold by Improbable. The blog post also mentions the “improbable losses” that have been occurring in the gaming industry.

Scavengers enters PC maintenance mode and cans console development as its studio gets sold by Improbable


We’ve been following Scavengers, a multiplayer PvPvE survival shooter that launched in early access in April, for the last year. Up to 20 teams of three were pitted against one another in a hostile environment, with the goal of obtaining the most datapoints and exfiltrating. It’s also one of the games in development that praised Improbable’s SpatialOS technology, praising how the platform alters gameplay and even showcasing a chaotic battle featuring 9,000 people and bots on one map.

Unfortunately, Scavengers has been cut out of Improbable’s metaverse strategy, as developer Midwinter Entertainment was sold to publisher Behaviour Interactive, resulting in the end of console development and the creation of “a small internal team” to maintain the shooter, effectively putting the game into maintenance mode for an early access title; the majority of Midwinter has been put to work on a new Behaviour project.

Improbable CEO Herman Narula said, “As part of our declared concentration on the metaverse, Improbable announced the divestiture of its non metaverse oriented content teams at the start of the year.” “We are delighted to have found partners who we feel will offer the Midwinter squad with a terrific home.” […] The Midwinter team has done incredible work over the last three years, and we wish them all the best and look forward to seeing their new ideas come to life.”

The future of Scavengers isn’t discussed by Improbable, Behaviour, or Midwinter, and the game’s most recent big update in March included a new character, began a new season, and fixed a number of bugs. Players have given the shooter “Mixed” reviews on Steam, with many criticizing the low player count and at least one person sharing a tasty apple pie recipe.


Scavengers is a game that was created by Improbable, and it is a game that has been on the market for quite some time. However, Scavengers enters PC maintenance mode and cans console development as its studio gets sold by Improbable. Reference: scavengers spatialos.

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