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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is the sequel to the first co-op FPS game in the series and many of the things needed to be addressed during the first game’s development were done properly this time. The game is quite a lot of fun, and if you have the patience to get through the campaign, you may find yourself really enjoying it.

The military genre of first-person shooters is one of the most intense in the video game industry. There are many annual franchises, and no shortage of new shooters coming out every year. All this may seem overly complicated. The game Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 (SGWC2) is the fifth part in the Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise. Where other games seem content to explore the depths of what military shooter games can be, SGWC2is an absolute slugfest and offers one of the most fun and engaging experiences of the year. With polished gameplay and mechanics that feel like a compilation of the best shooters of the last generation, SGWC2 aims for something big. But can he make the shot?

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Overview: Size at a glance

. InSGWC2 you play as Raven, a lone sniper stranded in a fictional Middle Eastern country. Their mission is to carry out assassinations, sabotage and the liberation of various targets to prevent a war that could destabilize the region and bring the world to the brink of economic collapse. It’s a simple and effective system, enhanced by great voice acting and a faceless protagonist who looks like the most evil person on the battlefield. TheSGWC2 series is often compared to the Sniper Elite series, and rightfully so. Both games are built around the sniper mechanism, where good shots are rewarded with slow-motion cameras showing the damage to the target. In addition to being presented in a third-person perspective and set during World War II, Sniper Elite offers a variety of content available in SGWC2and more in-depth sniper mechanics. The meters are available in two variants. In the classic maps, you enter large worlds, and your objectives are in small open sandboxes. All these small areas are connected by branching linear paths very similar to Metal Gear Solid 5. You will travel from district to district performing any duties you deem necessary. You can kill a man with a knife in one section, sabotage him with a radio jammer in another, and then shoot the enemy bounty hunter and sniper you encounter as you move on to the next area. It’s up to you to find the best way to solve the different tasks. Do you have the skills to silently shoot down all the guards on the base from a distance? Or do you prefer to be stealthy and use your mask’s arsenal of gadgets and advanced technology to sneak through the base unnoticed?

Course walk

word-image-6196 The new Long Shot maps show how difficult sneaking can be. These maps are usually smaller, and in all cases you have the task of surveying with a view of an object a mile or more away. It’s much harder to hit targets at this distance: Large calibre bullets require several seconds after firing to reach the target, and are strongly influenced by wind and gravity. Long Shot cards are more like a long, deadly game of chess. You spend most of your time scouting the area, identifying targets, taking out shooters, and planning where and when to shoot. There are electrical panels, explosive barrels and various other environmental objects that can be hit by a lucky shot, and a good autosave system gives the player ample opportunity to experiment. Moving targets are extremely difficult to hit at this distance. This makes these areas a puzzle for snipers, as you have to find ways to make sure the target is stationary and in an open space. This sometimes means firing large-caliber machine guns to make sure the target is bug-free, or waiting patiently for two targets to meet so you can destroy them both with one measured shot. It’s hard to overstate the pleasure of carefully planning the shot, calibrating the rifle, and watching the camera as the bullet crashes into the target at 1500 yards.

Shit, it’s good to be a sniper

word-image-6197 All Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 weapons are excellent. The weapons are well tuned and Raven moves with an excellent combination of agility and weight. Multiple ammo types allow you to further customize your ammo for future missions, and land bullets with a visceral quality. Some of the slow motion kills are gory, but cartoonish enough to not be exploitative. You can lower the level of brutality in the menu, which is nice. Completing tasks is rewarded in different ways. The money can be used to buy equipment. These include silencers, optics and enlarged weapons magazines. You can also take a sniper tower into battle, which you can use to mark enemies and finish them off on your mark. This is ideal when multiple enemies are grouped together and you want them to fall all at once. Other equipment includes a manned drone that helps mark targets and various explosives. You will also receive tokens for completing tasks, which will give you a solid upgrade tree. This is your chance to further customize the game to your play style. Modifiers can improve your stealth and knife skills, allowing you to run silently and strike in close combat like a modern day Ezio. You can install a dart gun on your drone, increase the effectiveness of your sniper turret or upgrade your armor to withstand more damage.

Return fire

word-image-6198 The levels also have great replay value in the form of challenges. These mechanisms seem to come straight out of the modern Hitman trilogy. You can return to previously achieved goals and earn additional coins and money by completing tasks in specific ways. Maybe this time you’ll kill your target after quietly destroying all the targets in the base. You can also lure them near explosive barrels so they leave with a bang. Or maybe this time you give them a chance to get into the getaway car, and then you pull the hook that holds the container to the crane right above them. As you complete tasks, you can acquire new upgrades that often make it easier to complete tasks. This relationship is well balanced and the complementary loop is compelling. Craving another game in other games becomes another challenge inSGWC2 , just as effective at making time disappear while you crave the next tempting update.

Closure errors

word-image-6199 Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 does have some issues. The Xbox Series X version runs in 4K 30FPS, which is great since so many current generation games run in 60FPS. Since the PS5 version has been delayed, we were unable to test its performance, although CI Games has stated that the game will run in 4K 30FPS there as well. Of course, some PCs are capable of exceeding this threshold, depending on their design. However, it’s worth noting that a patch released after the game’s release added 2K 60fps modes for the XSX and PS5 versions of the game, making it possible, albeit somewhat limited, to reach the 60fps threshold. There are a few technical problems here and there that are worth mentioning. Several times I got stuck in difficult terrain and had to load previous saves. The mechanism of raising and lowering is very simple when it comes to displaying the key prompt to perform these actions. In general, the range of SGWC2 is often quite modest. The deck itself is not too big – only half a dozen cards. The world is moderately interactive and detailed, but not so much that it enhances the experience. The story behind it is forgettable, even banal. And as appealing as the upgrade system is, all the trees can be completed pretty quickly. TheseSniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2hiccups are also frustrating because the game is so good. Almost every aspect of SGWC2 ranges from pretty good to extremely good, and the sniper action itself is almost unbelievable. And yet, despite this universal success, I can’t help but wonder what could have been. A little more ambition, another layer of polish, an iconic story – well, that’s all there is to it. This game falls somewhere between good and excellent, but doesn’t go beyond that.

TestSniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 – Results


  • Phenomenal and realistic sniping
  • Varied and exciting levels
  • A fascinating progression system


  • Limited by limited ambitions
  • You could use more varnish

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 2 is so much fun to play. The action is dynamic, the levels are well designed and the promotion system is very interesting. This is a very good game, built on solid execution of good ideas. It differs from games like Hitman and Metal Gear Solid 5 in that it has more modest ambitions and is moderately polished, but for fans of those franchises it should be high on the list of best games of the moment. [Note: CI Games provided a copy of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, which was used for this review].

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