Until now there has been no official release for the latest Star Citizen module, Invictus. This week however, the schedule for September 17 will be announced, and it includes three different ships, as well as a brand new module that will be included for free. The schedule will be announced at 10:00AM PDT [4:00PM UTC] via the Star Citizen website, and the Invictus module will be the first game feature that will be made available.

Invictus and RSI have uncovered the secret to making a successful game, but is it too late? Will this be the first blip on the radar, or will they march on to reach $100 million?

It’s far past time for you to get to know the Star Citizen universe a little better, and the perfect way to do that is with the latest weekly update from Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games. Not only does it introduce the upcoming RSI ship, the RSI Scorpius, but it also outlines the free flying schedule for this week’s Invictus launch event.

word-image-3064 This is the week of the Invictus launch in Star Citizen, and since this event is meant to show off the UEE Navy’s military might, it is also directly related to ships : Ships to admire, ships to fly and ships to see in the near future. As with the game’s other free flight events, this year’s Invictus event will feature several demonstrations from different manufacturers, each offering a different vehicle that players can rent for free for a short period of time. Every other day the manufacturers change places, and on the final days of the event players can choose between the 29. May 1 and June 1 to test drive all the vehicles presented. For those not familiar with this type of event, there is a helpful FAQ explaining how it works. In other spaceship news Star Citizen : In this week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen, players are introduced to the RSI Scorpius, a two-seat escort fighter with a pilot’s seat and remote-controlled turret. The turret in question moves on a rail system, allowing it to be moved from the top of the fuselage to a section at the rear for easier targeting, while the pilot has access to four cannons in the wing and two missile racks, all facing forward. The ship is currently in the design phase, but will make its debut during Invictus Launch Week. As for the rest of the Inside Star Citizen video, there’s another Sprint report that focuses on the final graphics for one of the new hospitals, improved canyon development, potted plants for outposts – some of which can be collected by players – as well as grave boxes for outposts, and the beautiful night lighting on Orison.

. ViewToday we’ve got some good news for Star Citizen fans. The game is moving closer and closer to launch, and the most recent update lays out the schedule for the first “Invictus” launch week. As of tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 19, Star Citizen backers will be able to try out the game in a version that has been tweaked to provide the basic infrastructure for a persistent universe.. Read more about invictus week launch time and let us know what you think.

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