Tranquility is a tough nut to crack and it’s one of the more challenging maps in Stellaris. Starting on January 16, players can fight for control of this map with The Overlord DLC that adds three new leaders from each faction (with unique powers), 15+ custom unit portraits, +40 official mods/schemas, and much more!

The “stellaris demand vassalization” is a new feature that was announced in the latest update for Stellaris. It allows players to demand vassalization from other empires.

Stellaris: Overlord Announced, Brings

Stellaris: Overlord Announced, Brings

Stellaris: Overlord is the next expansion for publisher Paradox Interactive’s long-running sci-fi grand strategy game.

Stellaris: Overlord intends to flesh out diplomacy between unequal empires by focusing on “exerting your will throughout the galaxy, the projection of power, and the growth of civilisation under your beautiful flag.”

Stellaris: Overlord Announced, Brings

Stellaris: Overlord Announced, Brings

This will result in “major adjustments” to the game’s vassalization systems, with the objective of making subjection “a more valued and viable system” that benefits both parties.

Along with Overlord Holdings, Stellaris: Overlord will offer three Specialist Vassals, both of which will be described in the future.

There will also be five new origins, including one for Hive Empires, as well as new Enclaves and a new megastructure.

Players may use Stellaris: Overlord to further their legacy as a kind king who promotes wealth or a brutal dictator who exploits their vassals.

Patch 3.4 will be released simultaneously with the expansion. You can view the video below, read the dedicated dev diary on the forums, and add it to your Steam wishlist.

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The “stellaris how to vassalize peacefully” is a new feature that was announced in the latest patch for Stellaris. The “vassalize peacefully” allows players to conquer their enemies without fighting them.

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