Superbugs Awaken is a two-player co-op title where the players must work together to save an illness ridden cat. With its story taking place in a world ravaged by mysterious and sudden outbreaks of Superbug infections, it’s up to you as one of the last remaining humans left alive on Earth with your partner (who might be infected) to find out what happened, stop them from spreading and possibly finding other survivors.
What makes this game unique is that there are no randomized levels or computer controlled enemies; instead, everything has been designed around communication between human beings who want nothing more than for their beloved pet kitty back home safe and sound.

The “10 miles to safety multiplayer” is a co-op title where communication is key to saving an illness-ridden cat. The game features 10 levels, each with its own unique objectives and challenges.

Superbugs Awaken is a two-player co-op title where communication is key to saving an illness-ridden cat


This isn’t a massively multiplayer game; rather, it’s a two-player game. However, Superbugs: Awaken’s notion is too intriguing not to share: Players embark on one of two roles to combat superbug infections that have afflicted a loving pet cat called Mimi, relying on exact communication to assist one another.

“A communication-based co-op game like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes [that’s] chaotic like Overcooked 2,” said the game’s developer, Together Games Studio. Players take on the roles of Daddy Scientist or Sonny Hunter, each with their own unique perspective on the action, with the Hunter player traveling inside the cat and the Scientist having a bird’s-eye view of the game’s map. The game loop goes as follows: the Hunter player discovers a superbug, accurately characterizes its shape, and then the Scientist player makes a vaccine to deliver to the Hunter based on that knowledge.

Superbugs has been in early access for over a year, earning a slew of positive Steam user reviews along the way, eventually culminating to a full 1.0 release on Friday. From early access to release, the Virus and Ability systems have been completely overhauled, with 18 new varieties of superbugs, a new zone with a new monster, and a feature where one player’s usage of a Power Pill boon has a detrimental side effect on the other. This one requires seeing to really comprehend, which you can do in the video below.

Sources: Steam, press release


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