This is an article about a new survival MMO that’s in early access. It has crafting, PvP, and many other features like gathering and housing. The game could be one of the next big things on the market if it hits its goals.

Frozen Flame is an upcoming survival MMO that has been in closed beta for a while. They have released their crafting system, which will be available to early access players in Q1 2022.

Survival MMO Frozen Flame updates closed beta crafting, targets Q1 2022 early access


Since 2020, we’ve been keeping a watch on the crowdfunded survival MMO Frozen Flame, which has been in closed beta since then. Dreamside Interactive launched an update at the end of January that covers narration, combat, traps, treasure boxes, new islands… and crafting.

“We’ve made a big shift in our approach to making. The needed quantity of Memory Shards to unlock recipes has been raised. Memorials and waystones, which took the role of hidden stellas, now reward players with a higher number of Shards. Shards may now now fall from destructible things like vases and crates. Advanced recipes call for rarer green Memory Shards, which may be found in the form of drops from Elementals, Titans, and magical cubes, or made from ordinary Memory Shards.”

We don’t have a firm debut date, but Steam is still aiming for the first quarter of 2022, so it may happen in the next two months if that remains the case. “We’re making our way towards Early Access slowly but gradually,” the company explains.

CBT has released Update 0.26.

Slowly but gradually, we’re getting closer to Early Access!

— Frozen Flame (@PlayFrozenFlame) January 19, 2022


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