It’s finally here! After months of waiting, and a lot of waiting, and a lot of waiting some more, it’s time for the long-awaited Ascent launch date to finally be announced. We’ve been chatting up the Ascent team for a while now, and let’s just say they’re not holding back…

“The Ascent” is a new sci-fi action RPG in development by indie developers WayForward Technologies. It is a spiritual successor to the beloved “Knytt Underground” series, and is being designed, written and directed by Scott Murphy, who was also the lead designer behind the Knytt Underground and Castlevania series. The Ascent is currently scheduled for release on November 11th, 2018.

The Ascent is a hardcore first person shooter video game that takes place in the future, in a competitive futuristic multiplayer setting. Players will be able to play either online or offline, and can join one of three different teams: the “Guardians” who protect the human race from the “Harvesters”, the “Ascenders” who seek to bring about a new world order, and the “Jammers” who oppose their actions. This game will have a “Day One” release on May 30th, 2017.

Home News Release date for The Ascent announced word-image-3120 Publisher Curve Digital has announced that the highly anticipated first game from Swedish indie studio Neon Giant, The Ascent, will be released on June 29. July 2021 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC and will be available through Xbox Game Pass. Watch The Ascent :release date trailer

. The Ascent is the first game from Neon Giant, a new 12-person studio made up of game industry veterans who have provided the inspiration for famous AAA games like Gears of War, Bulletstorm and Wolfenstein. The game supports 60 frames per second and full 4K on the Xbox Series X, which will give gamers on next-gen consoles great gaming performance. We can’t wait for people to dive into the world of The Ascent, says Arcad Berg, creative director and co-founder of Neon Giant. We love making games, and we do it because we want people to enjoy the world we’ve created. Therefore, we have created a game that allows all players to enjoy the game element that interests them the most. Whether you like to explore every nook and cranny, enjoy thrilling combat or have a passion for history and storytelling, we’ve tried to find something for everyone in The Ascent. Co-founder and creative director of the studio, Thor Frick, added: A month ago we celebrated the third anniversary of Neon Giant, and we are very excited to release our first game right after this important milestone for our young studio. We have a very passionate and dedicated team, and everyone in the studio contributed something new and wonderful to the overall experience of The Ascent. That’s why we can’t wait to share Planet of Veles with everyone and see what people think of the world our team has created. word-image-3121 word-image-3122   In The Ascent, players are immersed in the arcology of the Ascent Group, a self-contained corporate metropolis that stretches high into the sky and is filled with creatures from across the galaxy. As he takes on the role of contract worker, the world begins to fall apart when the Ascent Group closes for unknown reasons. Life becomes a matter of survival, and competing businesses and crime syndicates try to occupy the vacant space. Players must take up arms and keep them in check. This is where the driveway starts. The Ascent will give players the chance to participate in an action-oriented sci-fi RPG on the Unreal Engine that takes the genre to the next level. The game is available in single player and four player co-op modes. Main features – A free-to-play style in a dystopian world inspired by cyberpunk. – Classic RPG mechanics that allow the player to develop their character, including cybernetic gear, augmentations and loot. – An unprecedented vertical feel to the game world, different levels and platforms that vary throughout the game. – The dual field of view allows the player to use the entire screen and choose between multiple targets anywhere in the environment. – A narrative adventure that can be played in single player mode and in cooperative mode for up to four players. The Ascent? will be released on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC and will be available on the 29th. July 2021 available via Xbox Game Pass.

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word-image-1306The release date for The Ascent is the 31st of October. The game will cost £16.99 / $19.99, which is slightly higher than other games of the market, but it is set to include a large amount of content, so the price is worth it.. Read more about the ascent game and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the ascent be on game pass?

In the grand tradition of video games, the upcoming title, The Ascent, is currently in alpha testing. We won’t be sharing exact dates for when the game will be released, but we will be revealing if the game will be available on game pass. If you don’t know, game pass is a subscription service that allows access to a variety of games. We will be curious how many people purchase this service, and if the game will be featured. Also, what percentage of those who do purchase the game pass will buy the game itself? As we’ve been reporting all week, the team at Ubisoft Montreal has been hard at work on the latest Ascent expansion. The reality is that it’s a big game, and we like to call it “the biggest game in the world.”

Is the ascent a launch title?

Today, we’re happy to announce that The Ascent, an exciting and innovative game from the creators of the Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga franchises, will release on November 27, 2017 on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X, and mobile devices powered by Android and iOS. The Ascent, a new title from game publisher Ubisoft Montreal, has been announced to be released on April 9th of next year for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The game was originally announced in July of 2017, but was originally released in August of that year. The game is a third-person, world-exploring action-adventure game that will be the first title to feature Ubisoft’s new Snowdrop Engine, and will be the first game to use Ubisoft’s new “BENCHMARKS” platform.

How much is the ascent game?

As the video above shows, the Ascent was released on December 13, 2014 for $19.99. The game is currently available on Steam. If you are interested in purchasing it, you can do so by clicking this link: Click here to purchase The Ascent The Ascent, the latest game from indie development powerhouse, Robot Invader, is out today. You can download it for free from the App Store.

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