As the Star Wars: The Old Republic community continues to grow, SOE is planning to implement player housing for alpha testers as part of the next wave of testing.

Today, we’re kicking off the first ever Alpha for The Cycle, a new MMO from the team behind the award-winning The Elysium Project. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sending out Alpha invites to a select group of players, who will be helping to test the game and provide invaluable feedback. As a thank you for helping us shape the future of The Cycle, we’ll also be giving out a special game-only item, called the Alpha Access Cape.

Since at least 2018, we’ve had our eye on The Cycle , an MMO-style PvEvP survival shooter that was released on Steam last year. That’s not the case. But and got a new release window in Q3 of this year, and signups opened this week for another closed alpha (called closed alpha 2, and yes, it’s under NDA) via Steam and EGS.

The test will run from July 22 to 27 and we look forward to collecting all your feedback on the game between now and then, YAGER Studios said. This alpha test has a number of features and not all features will be included. The testing is mainly focused on the core of the gameplay, bugs and errors that disrupt the gameplay are likely. All history is reset to zero at the end of the test. Remember, this version of the game is for testing and feedback only. If the above problems diminish your interest in the game, it might be better to wait for later testing closer to the final product release. This is what the game promises at this stage of testing:

– Come alone or in a group of 3 prospectors. Safety in numbers, as they say!
– The first weapon accessories that allow you to customize your favorite weapons.
– Access to the facilities so players can get a first look at what is being offered.
– Revised Fortune III monsters, including the appearance of the dreaded Marauders.
– A new storm, fiercer, stronger and deadlier. Look at the sky!

YAGER reports that previous alpha participants are already included in this round of testing; newcomers can participate via Steam and EGS (click Request Access).


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