Bethesda has been fixing the popular MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO), to address login congestion issues and two-factor authentication.

The “elder scrolls online email verification not working” is a problem that many players have been encountering. The Elder Scrolls Online has addressed the issue by implementing two-factor authentication.

The Elder Scrolls Online addresses login congestion issues and fixes two-factor authentication


Are you having trouble login in, loading windows that are too lengthy, or traders that aren’t updated in Elder Scrolls Online? You’re not alone, since the servers have been quite busy over the last several weeks, and the commencement of a free play event hasn’t helped matters. This has prompted ZeniMax Online Studios’ developers to respond to the situation in a forum post.

Things are more solid now, according to the article, but events like the anniversary event, the build-up to the next chapter, and the aforementioned free play event always put greater strain on the login servers. The staff tells players that the situation is being actively watched, and that if things grow too tense, a login line will be activated. Those who see one second remaining in the line but never advance beyond that point are prompted to log out and log back in to reach the character choosing page.

The login issues have also uncovered a seemingly long-standing issue with the game’s two-factor authorization, as one long-time player claims that 2FA is disabled during free play events – an issue he claims he mentioned to ZOS as early as April 2020. Thankfully, the article has now been amended to state that 2FA is again operational, indicating that the issue has been resolved.

As a reminder, ESO is hosting a showcase livestream for the High Isle expansion today at 4:00 p.m. EDT, so anybody interested in seeing what’s coming will be able to do so. Especially if they’re stuck in a login line.

source: official message boards (1, 2). Wilbert, thank you so much!


The “elder scrolls online login” is a game that has been experiencing login congestion issues. Bethesda have released an update to address the issue and fix two-factor authentication.

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