The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege game is now available to play, and it has quickly become one of the most popular games on Xbox One. In this guide, we’ll give you all of the information that you need to know in order to start playing-from how multiplayer works, what modes are best for beginners, weapon stats so you don’t get owned by more experienced players, map strategies and tips for winning matches.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction San Francisco is a game that takes place in the fictional city of San Francisco. The guide will help you learn how to play and what to expect from the game.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction San Francisco Studies Guide

Tom-Clancys-Rainbow-Six-Extraction-San-Francisco-Studies-GuideTom Clancy's Extraction of Rainbow Six in San Francisco: A Study Guide

There are new Study tasks to do in San Francisco. This Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction San Francisco Study Guide contains a list of all of the major Study goals in the San Francisco Hot-Zone, as well as some tips and tactics for completing them quickly and effectively.

Studies are an important component of the game, and they may be found on every map, including the New York Study Objectives map. Your account’s Development Milestone level determines which Operators and maps you can explore. Because both your Operator level and your studies progress contribute toward your Development Milestone level, it’s important to finish both as soon as possible.

Extraction of Rainbow Six in San Francisco: A Study Guide

Defusal Research

  • Take down Breachers or Bloaters using Defused. Either stealth or a smoke grenade must be used as a melee assault.
  • Lookout — Use Up on the D-Pad to ping an unalerted Breacher or Bloater.
  • Stop hitting yourself – use Breacher explosives to kill foes.

Practice on a specific goal

  • Kill foes with explosives as a Boom Specialist. Unlock Claymores or equivalent technology and use it to destroy foes. Fuse is an excellent pick if you have unlocked him.
  • Holo It’s Me – Customize a weapon and equip it with a Holographic Sight before using it to murder adversaries.
  • 1st Lethal Challenge: In a single mission, get 20 kills or assists.

Performance in the middle

  • Maintain Your Health – Complete a goal with a health score of at least 60%.
  • Unknockable – Complete a mission’s third area without being knocked down.
  • Earn 25,000 XP as part of Intel Target 2. For equivalent XP, playing on the next difficulty up and completing two goals is generally faster.

Caustic Companions

  • Keep It Clean – Kill a Sludge (small pools of slime that appear on the ceiling from time to time) before it spreads. Make use of a shotgun or explosives.
  • Keep an eye on your step if you want to kill or help a Sludge without being struck.
  • Shoot or Ping a Sludge on the Ceiling in the Walls


  • Scan an adversary with a lethal scanner before killing or aiding them. Scan Grenades or Recon Drones may be used.
  • Scan 10 adversaries in a single operation using the Dedicated Scanner. Scan for grenades, nests, and spores.
  • Spore Spotter – Destroy Blinding Spores before they attach (Yellow buds that are often on walls & ceilings)

Drills for Shooting

  • Score 4 kills in 2 seconds with the calculated kill. Because spores count, simply blast a bunch of them.
  • Kill or assist on stunned enemies as an opportunist (use stun grenades)
  • Get 20 kills or assists in a single mission to complete Lethal Challenge 2.

Variety of Stealth

  • Get Around – Complete a task with a stealth kill in each of the three parts. Killing with a gun is OK.
  • No Howls – Complete a goal without causing an adversary to howl.
  • Muscle Memory – Use melee stealth kills to take out foes. Nests are important.

Mitigation of Sowers

  • Sower Vulnerability – Use a Weak Point shot to kill or aid a Sower.
  • Fancy Footing – Before setting off any mines, kill or assist a Sower.
  • Minesweeper – Destroy Sower mines without setting them off by using Minesweeper. Shoot the little red things on the ground to deactivate them.

Check-in on your performance

  • Complete three objectives and extract with a full squad (doesn’t have to be three, just the same number as when the operation began).
  • Health Maintenance – After achieving three tasks, extract with at least 60% health.
  • 35,000 XP is Intel’s third target.

The Chimera’s Intention

  • What Causes It to Attack? (Completes automatically)

That concludes the San Francisco research goals. Check out the next section of our Alaska Studies Guide for further information.

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