Many players have a go-to Outriders loadout. Maybe it’s the one that has been the most effective for them, or maybe it’s the one they use because they like the colors of the weapons. But some players have a flair for the dramatic, and these players often take their obsession with looking good to the next level.

DOTA 2 is a game built around teamwork. While individual players can carry games, teamwork is what wins the battles. This is especially true in the game’s outrider positions. In most games, the outriders are built to be durable and to have massive amounts of damage and speed. The outriders are usually the only ones that can push in the laning stages without the risk of getting ganked.

word-image-8778 In this guide to the top 5 Outriders weapon mods, learn which Outriders weapon mods to look for to build your best weapon. If you play Outriders, you know that weapon mods in Outriders can mean the difference between life and death for your character, and the difference between a successful fight and ten deaths in a row. That’s why you want to know what the best mods are for Outriders weapons. That’s what you’ll learn in this guide. I spent about 120 hours with Outriders and played the entire game with all the characters. I’ve gotten my hands on most of the legendary weapons and unlocked all the weapon mods in the game. Still, there is some subjectivity in these lists. In my opinion, these are the best weapon mods for Outrider, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed with other mods. This is also a list of the best general mods for Outriders weapons, meaning these mods are useful for any class. They are not intended to select elements for a particular construction. With that out of the way, let’s move on to the list of the best Outriders weapon mods.

5. Perpetual Motion – RunawayThe best weapon mods

word-image-8779 Perpetual Motion is a level 2 weapon mod and probably not the kind of mod you’ll put on most characters’ endgame weapons (though it’s practically essential for Rogues), but you’ll still be able to get a lot out of this mod. Perpetual Motion alone drastically increases the time you can use ammo-related abilities on all characters that have it, and drastically reduces the time Devastator spends searching for ammo. There are many skills to help you keep a full warehouse, especially for Technomancers, but Perpetuum Mobile is a unique solution that solves just about all your ammo problems in one mod slot. It will probably be most useful during the story, but you’ll be adapting this skill to many weapons, as its benefits are quite significant.

4. Killing Spree – Outriders best weapons mods

word-image-8780 Killing Spree, available on Amber Vault’s legendary dual pistol, offers an insane 75% DPS increase and has nearly 100% range, which is extremely powerful for any weapon-centric build, regardless of character. This is one of the biggest DPS boosts you can get from the Outriders weapon mod. The only problem with the Killing Spree on the Outriders weapon mods is that they’re useless after 20 seconds of play when all the garbage monsters are dead and you’re facing a difficult elite or single boss. This situation is pretty rare, as bosses usually generate hordes of add-ons, but it still happens from time to time.

3. Ultimate Anomaly Golf – OutridersBest Weapon Modes

word-image-8781 When it comes to the best Outriders weapon mods, Ultimate Anomaly Surge is an incredible mod. It deals a huge amount of damage, similar to Ultimate Storm Whip, and hits in a small AoE to begin with. The only downside to this mod is that its activation depends on the crits. Nevertheless, we should be aware that it is not difficult to get reviews on Outriders. You just shoot your enemies in the head. The only enemy against which it’s a bit difficult to get crits are the brooders, as the location of their crits seems to be somewhere in the heart or armpit, rather than in the face as you’d expect. However, due to the crit requirement, you probably won’t be able to get the full theoretical DPS that this mod gives, because you won’t be able to time your crit perfectly for every second. The range isn’t great, so it won’t do anything unless the opponents are close. Because he’s a bit more versatile, I think the Ultimate Stormwhip is a bit better. The ultimate anomaly thrust is available for the legendary Icarus automatic sniper rifle.

2. Winter Blast – The best weapon mods forOutriders

word-image-8782 Crowd control in Outriders is very, very useful, and in my opinion, Winter Blast is #1 as far as the best Outriders weapon mods that offer crowd control. Whenever you get a crit, it freezes all enemies in a fairly large radius and makes headshots even easier to hit, so you can keep enemies stunned by freezing them in chains. Winter Strike doesn’t have the same problem as Ultimate Anomaly Wave with the crit requirement, because you have until the end of the freeze to earn another crit, which gives you more slack to get the crit. While there are other crowd control mods that affect enemies, Winter Strike’s AoE effect is what really sets it apart. Get out? A lucky shot against any opponent freezes everything. Didn’t you see the captain in time? Fortunately, he accidentally froze in the chaos, and now you have to be able to react in time. Winter Blast adds a ton of survivability and constant crowd control to any weapon, and for that reason I consider it one of the best mods for Outrider weapons. You get the legendary Winter Blast sniper rifle from Iceberg.

1. Ultimate Storm Whip – Outriders Best Weapon Mods

word-image-8783 When it comes to the best weapon mods for Outrider, the Ultimate Storm Whip is just very reliable, consistent, and provides increased DPS. If you unlock this weapon on a late game character and put it on a secondary character’s weapon, it kills enemies in one hit for most of the game. For your endgame weapons, it will increase the DPS significantly and unlike many other great DPS mods, it is not situational at all and has no drawbacks or limitations. Unlike Ultimate Anomaly Wave, Ultimate Stormwhip always activates every second, even if you have Spray and Pray or poor accuracy. Ultimate Stormwhip works on bosses even if all the devils are dead, unlike Killing Spree. It doesn’t absorb your health like some mods, doesn’t require crits, doesn’t have a long run time. It just adds a simple, consistent and reliable DPS. Reliability is the key word here. Because Ultimate Stormwhip is so versatile, Ultimate Stormwhip is usually the first weapon damage mod, unless you have a build where or would benefit more from another weapon mod. In this way, you will get many benefits. In my opinion, this is the best mod when it comes to the best weapon mods for Outriders. It’s also very easy to get because it’s on two Legendaries. You can get it with the Daimyo submachine gun or the Thunderbird assault rifle. That was it for the top 5 best weapon mods for Outrider. If you want to see my full 100+ hour review of Outriders on my new YouTube channel, you can click here. Don’t forget to check out the Outriders section of this site for more game guides to Outriders, including reviews of the best mods, skills, classes, etc. While you’re here, check out the home page for instructions on all the other role-playing games I’ve covered (we’ll do that here). Finally, if you like, you can check out my critically acclaimed superhero novel American Wilderness Gods. Okay, until next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best weapon mods in outriders?

If you are a fan of Outriders, you should have a good weapon to dominate the game. Here we provide you the list of the best weapon mods in Outriders. Armor:  Shredder The armor shredder is the best armor in Outriders which will help you to survive for quite a long time. Attempt to pick it up and you will get a very good amount of armor. Pulse:  Shock Baton Shock Baton will be the best weapon in Outriders. You can stun and kill your enemies in just a few seconds. Stun:  Transducer Transducer is one of the most useful weapon in Outriders which allows you to regenerate your shield. The Outriders game is packed with content and lots of opportunities for players to create new and exciting characters. Many players often wonder what the best weapons mods are, and are rarely satisfied with just one mod. (This list has been deemed the most accurate and honest. We are not paid or bribed by any mod makers.)

What is the best weapon in outriders?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. Outriders is a single player third-person shooter that was released as a downloadable title in September 2015 for PS4, and is scheduled for release on the Xbox One on October 26, 2015.  The game was created and developed by Voidpoint and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is a spiritual successor to another Voidpoint game called Dark Void Zero, and is a prequel to the video game Dark Void. The game is set in a fictional universe in the year 1938, during an alternate version of World War II. The player takes control of a character named Rye, a pilot who is a member of the “Outsider Club”. The club is a group of people with unique abilities who are fighting to protect the

How do I get better outriders mods?

For starters, I’m sure you are familiar with the standard Outriders unit. These guys are your standard unit in Dawn of War 3, and they are great for dealing with enemy infantry and vehicles. However, once you start seeing heavy armor, these guys become a bit of a liability. Because of this, I like to use outriders with heavy weapons and armor. These guys will still do great against infantry, and will be a lot more capable of handling the heavier armored units that will be thrown against you. So, without further ado, here is the list of my top 5 favorite outrider mods. As a warden, your outriders are the main source of firepower as well as the only means of getting around the battlefield quickly. They are also quite susceptible to enemy fire, and can be taken down with a few well-placed shots. Because of this, it is important to have outriders mods that will protect them from harm. While your outriders can withstand a few shots, they will be destroyed quickly if they are not protected. Here are the best outriders mods to help you get better performance out of them on the battlefield.


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