Today, we can finally announce that Space Punks, the brutal top down shooter that started as a student game jam competition entry has finally launched on the Epic Store for PC and Mac! The game is a top-down shooter in the style of old school games like Duke Nukem, where you shoot hordes of aliens and robots from the point of view of a lone space pirate pilot. It is a fast paced game that encourages you to keep on top of your enemies and not get too cocky as death doesn’t come easy. The game is available for purchase now in early access and the final version should be released on the Epic Games Store in the future.

When the Space Punks team set out to build a game based on the pay-to-win and “exploit” economy of 2017’s smash-hit megahit Fortnite, they knew they needed to create something special. While Fortnite rewards players for simply playing as a quick and easy way to get ahead, Space Punks players have to work for their loot. That’s why the Space Punks team has partnered with Epic Games to make the game available exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Earlier this month, we introduced Space Punks, a top-down multiplayer shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Jagex Partners. For those who don’t want to re-read this link: It’s an ARPG-style game where players compete against different characters to destroy enemies, collect loot, and discover what was described at the time as a living, breathing, constantly evolving game world. Players can now test these claims in practice and perhaps have their say, as the game was released yesterday in early access, exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Although the full version of the game will launch as a free-to-play version, early access will require payment: For $30, players will get the basic Swag Pack, which includes the four main characters, a Season 1 Battle Pass for the open beta test, exclusive backgrounds and some unique cosmetics, while for $50, they’ll get the Splendor Pack, which includes all of the above plus four epic character skins, an epic player entry and more. As for the length of early access, the game’s developers plan to release the open beta on PC this winter, and a version for consoles next year.


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