“We want players to have fun” said Joe, lead developer of TrinityS. Trading with real time and skill-based combat is the focus in this hack n’ slash game that can be played solo or cooperatively by up to three friends. The developers are currently still working out some bugs but they assure you it will be worth your while

The “rpg with survival elements” is a game that has been in early access for about two years. The game has three different classes, and players can choose to play as one of them or switch between the three at any time. There are also some other features like a crafting system, and an interesting story line.

TrinityS is an early access three-player co-op game that’s all about beating raid bosses


What if you turned the typical MMORPG’s massive raid boss encounters into a three-player online co-op game? You may receive TrinityS, a new multiplayer game from Indie-us Games in Japan that allows players “skip the MMO level grind and square off against formidable monsters that need exact coordination to overcome.”

Up to three players may choose from one of three characters in TrinityS, each of whom represents a position in an MMO party’s holy trinity. Each character has configurable abilities, allowing players to tailor their selected character to their preferred playstyle. Positioning and mobility are mentioned as important factors in surviving these battles, which essentially comes down to all of the dance moves that MMO raiders are accustomed to in order to evade the fire. TrinityS will fill in unselected positions with AI bots for individuals who choose to play alone.

Early access will last roughly six months, according to the game’s Steam website, and the complete release will add more talents, a time attack mode, and improvements to make the game accessible on lower-end PCs. The game will cost $15 (although you may get it for $12 until May 4th), with no price changes anticipated until early access finishes.

Sources: Steam, press release


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