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Over the past week, a lawsuit filed against Ubisoft by the Union Syndicale des Vidéotapeurs et des Téléscripteurs (USBVT) has gained a lot of attention and has sparked a discussion on sexism in the video game industry.

Just a short time ago, Ubisoft faced a lawsuit from the Union Syndicale des Journalistes (USJ), which can be translated as the Union of Journalists. It is a trade union in France with around 80,000 members and was formed from the merging of two larger unions, the Comité National des Journalistes and the General Confederation of Journalist Trade Unions.

Ubisoft’s revealed problem of widespread sexual harassment is (rightly) not a closed case. Solidaires Informatique, the French union representing workers in the games industry, has officially filed a complaint against Ubisoft. She represents the victims of the 2021 scandal and accuses several executives, CEO Yves Guimo and the company in general of promoting institutional sexual harassment.

The complaint was filed last Thursday, which took longer than expected because the union took about a year to gather all the evidence and testimony, according to its spokesman. Institutional sexual harassment is an allegation that is very rare in French courts, and Maud Becker’s lawyer wanted to file the strongest possible complaint, a spokesman said. However, we think the changes Ubisoft has made are superficial. […] The domestic situation has not changed much and we hope that the developments will continue to draw attention to the situation and put pressure on Ubisoft to keep its promises.

In addition, Ubisoft has announced that several of its games, including the multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Extraction and the open-world multiplayer racer Riders Republic, have been put on hold. To be precise, Rainbow Six moves from September 2021 to January 2022, while Republic changes its release date from January 2, 2022. From September to 28. October – the second postponement of the date of the play. This is in line with Ubisoft’s official document, which states that due to the sexual harassment scandal, the company is having more difficulty finding and retaining talent, causing games to be delayed as positions go unfilled and development teams to feel left to their own devices.


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