Valheim, the Swedish-made game that celebrates its 10 millionth copy sold with a new and beautiful update to Mistlands.
Orb Factory recently announced that Valheim has reached this milestone. The game was first released in 2010 and is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) set on an ancient island filled with Norse mythology

Valheim has sold over 10 million copies of their game, Mistlands. They talk up the ongoing update and future plans for the game.

Valheim celebrates over 10 million copies sold and talks up ongoing Mistlands update


Valheim, a Viking-themed survival sandbox, has been in early access for over a year, but that hasn’t prevented it from gaining a passionate following and a large number of transactions. To that end, Coffee Stain and Iron Gate Studio are thrilled to report that the game has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. The great majority of those gamers, we believe, were killed by a fallen tree.

The press release congratulating the game on reaching the milestone effectively pats itself on the back as it lists the game’s numerous accomplishments, including an Overwhelmingly Positive review aggregate on Steam, several gaming awards (including our own award for Not-So-Massively Game of the Year), and an all-time high of over 500K players last year. “We never believed Valheim would grow to be that enormous, not even in our wildest dreams, and the last year sped by quicker than we expected,” stated Iron Gate Studio CEO Richard Svensson.

Of course, the issue of what comes next is still looming, as the presser points to the still-developing Mistlands update, which, for the record, has yet to see any significant announcements. In terms of recent events, a patch released a few weeks ago fixed certain bugs and improved playability.

Sources: Steam, press release


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