The Spud, a small creature that can be found in the game Fall, has some rather unusual methods of killing death. As your character dies and falls to their final rest below the ground you will eventually find yourself as one of these creatures. But what are they?

The “vampire survivors unlock death cheat” is a guide that provides tips on how to kill Death in the game Fall. The guide includes a list of items and a video walkthrough.

Note: Following the 6.0 Patch, we revised this article to illustrate an easier approach to defeat Death.

When you conquer a level in the harsh roguelite Vampire Survivors, it’s evident that the game isn’t kind to its players. That’s an impressive achievement in and of itself, but if you celebrate too soon and don’t complete the level by passing through the portal, you’ll be confronted by a new foe. That is Death, a unique boss that appears once every minute you remain on a finished level. Killing Death is a difficult task, to say the least, but it is achievable. In Vampire Survivors, here’s how you defeat the Grim Reaper.

Vampire Survivors: How to Kill Death

vsnewestitemsEasiest Way to Kill Death Vampire Survivors


You must first unlock the Moonglow Bonus region in Vampire Survivors’ 6.0 Patch in order to effortlessly kill death. The Merchant, a new method to spend money in Vampire Survivors, will be unlocked in this new region.

Survive for 15 minutes to get access to the Forbidden Divine, a bonus region where you must escape missiles and sprint to the finish line. If you’re experiencing problems with this section, we suggest Krochi!

All levels will feature two rings and two curse marks hidden items if you’ve conquered the Forbidden Divine. Because you’ll need all of those things, we recommend choosing a character with higher movement speed, such as Krochi or the 4th row characters.

The Pursuit of Death

Begin your run by gathering offensive items, then collect the Clock Lancet and Laurel. These objects change when new hidden ones are discovered. You may receive the new hidden goods either before or after you finish your support items. Bonus support items will simply be tacked on once you have acquired all of the things.

We also recommend picking up the Wings. These will increase your movement speed, giving you more time to farm.

By the 15-minute mark, we recommend acquiring the support items. Hopefully, you’ve evolved one or two weapons to make battling adversaries a breeze.

Each of these treasures will be guarded by a formidable robed figure. You are allowed to disregard them.

The run’s ultimate difficulty is that you must level up all of these things! Because each of the new products has nine levels, you’ll want to obtain them as soon as possible. Make careful to save two chests in order to get the upgrades!

What Are The Functions Of The New 6.0 Items?

The Infinite Corridor may periodically reduce enemy health by half, and the Crimson Shroud will reduce damage taken by ten percent. This combination will enable you to easily endure the first Death. Simply circle Death with your clock lancet to freeze him, then let the Infinite Corridor diminish his health again and over. Death will strike at some point!


Vampire2-640x360Vampire Survivors: How to Kill Death

First and foremost, Death can only be killed by the most elite Vampire Survivors players. The Grim Reaper’s assaults do a whopping 65,535 damage each. Even the strongest of characters will almost certainly be defeated by this. However, there are several strategies you may use to increase your chances of attaining what may seem to be unachievable at first.

Because Death’s initial HP is set at 655,350x the player character’s health, killing it outright is very improbable. As a result, you’ll have to use more devious methods. If you use the Suor Clerici character and use the Arena benefit, which gives you 400 percent boosts, you may stand in a very tiny space, about a pixel wide, to dodge his assaults. Remain in that posture, assault with all your power, and Death will be killed slowly but surely.

If that approach doesn’t work for you, you may change the game files to get access to the character MissingNo. It’s a corny technique since they’re plainly a character that isn’t normally designed for gamers. They are, nevertheless, invulnerable to harm and, as a result, may beat Death by default.

Other alternatives include using Toastie’s passive benefit in conjunction with armor to mitigate Death’s damage, or using the Bone weapon in conjunction with Mortaccio for another super-effective combo. Of course, there’s no assurance that you’ll be able to overcome Death in Vampire Survivors — he’s simply that powerful.

The “vampire survivors death hp” is a guide that will walk you through how to kill Death in the game Fall. This guide will cover the basics of how to get started, as well as some advanced strategies.

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