In Prey, you are aboard the Talos I space station trying to escape from aliens. You need to find a code for the freezer in order to access more items and actions as you progress through this thrilling sci-fi horror game.

In the game “Prey”, the code for the security booth is found in a room with a freezer. The code to open it is “security booth code prey”.

What is the code for the freezer in Prey? |


As a result, how can you get away from a frozen prey?

Get out of the freezer. When you’re ready, go down to the bottom of the freezer and via the left-hand door. This is where you’ll discover Abby’s corpse, which is heartbreaking. Find a TranScribe with one more voice sample on her body and loot it. You’ll obtain the “Danielle Sho” optional goal if you do this.

The next question is: what is the password to Prey’s first safe? The First Code of Safety You’ll locate a locked safe in the Simulation Labs after exiting your residence. The first safe you come discover in Prey has a code of 5150. This code is not buried anywhere in the present room, and many individuals may never figure out how to unlock this safe!

What is Prey’s safe code in this regard?


What happened to the cook prey?

Going through the Arboretum to the bridge and then down to the escape pods is the quickest method to find the impostor. You’ll find him in one of the far-right escape pods, but don’t approach him until you’re fully recovered.

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How do you get access to the kitchen, prey?


  1. Look inside the Cafeteria.
  2. Ensure that the Cafeteria is secure.
  3. In the kitchen, speak with the survivor.
  4. Look for his Award in the Cook’s Room.
  5. Give the award to the cook.
  6. Come into the kitchen.
  7. Replace the regulator that has failed.
  8. Look for supplies in the freezer.

Will Mitchell’s prey has vanished.

The phony Mitchell may be located on the Talos 1 Bridge if you’re hunting for him.

Who is the prey of December?

December is a reprogrammed Operator that debuts in Prey and accompanies Morgan Yu through the Talos I. (2017).

Is it true that Prey is a horror game?

Prey is a survival horror first-person shooter set in an open universe with role-playing and stealth features.

How do you become a prey for life support?

Turn left to locate the entrance to life support after passing through the GUTS loading bay door (it’s the one to the right of the recycler in the Cargo Bay). When you reach to the other side of the load screen, Mikhaila Ilyushin will contact you and provide you a solution to your issue.

How can you get out of being an apartment prey?

If you’re having problems crawling through the little hole you made, just return to your apartment and shatter the balcony glass to uncover another escape. Congratulations, you’ve just started your adventure through Prey’s dark and deadly universe.

What is the location of the magnetosphere control room’s prey?

Behind a big glass, you’ll find the Magnetosphere Control Room. Use the stairwell in the neighboring room. Because you can’t walk around the Cystoids’ nests on the top level because the chamber is too tiny, you must eliminate them.

The “prey maintenance tunnel code” is a code that appears in the game Prey. It’s used to open up a passage from the living area of Talos I, to the freezer where you find the alien pod.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open a Prey freezer?

A: To open a Prey fridge, you must first find the freezer. The freezer is found by either looking in your drawers or opening the huge metal door on the front of it that has freezing ice inside and frosted glass panels. Then turn off power to the refrigerator at its back (usually a few switches).
To get into it, use scissors-like tools to pry up one side of a panel over so you can slip through onto some shelves. There may also be locks that need special screwdrivers for removal but these are usually not needed because theyre very flimsy

How do you get into kitchen freezer Prey?

A: This is a challenging question.

What is the quarantine code in Prey?

A: The quarantine code is the number three.

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