With the announcement of Lost Ark’s impending release, many players are eagerly looking for ways to max out their character. One such way is by collecting Mokoko seeds – a resource that can be earned by hunting rare species within Lost Ark. These resources will then allow you to level up your character faster and gain access to some truly powerful weapons like the Gungnir Arbalest rifle or Fafnir’s Spear!

The “lost ark mokoko seed locations” is a question that Lost Ark players have been asking for a while. There are various ways to find the seeds in the game, but there is no definitive answer.

What To Do With Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, What To Do With Mokoko Seeds

In Lost Ark, there are a lot of Mokoko Seeds to find, but where do you turn them in and what do they do? This article on In Lost Ark, What To Do With Mokoko Seeds will address those queries by describing where you must shoot in order to turn in your Mokoko Seeds and get the prizes.

One of the most important collectibles in Lost Ark is Mokoko Seeds. There are a little over 1200 of these distributed across the game. Nearly every zone has at least one, including dungeons and other end-game regions.

In Lost Ark, What To Do With Mokoko Seeds

To turn in your Mokoko Seeds, you must first complete the main plot. The tale symbol turns to a blue globe if you’ve finished the Luterra region. Then you follow it to Tortoyk Island, a little island off the coast of Russia. You’ll end yourself at Mokoko Village as a result of the tale there. Continue following the tale until the objective is completed. It’ll be an hour or two after you get on the island before you get to A New Start.

You should then go to the Village Chief’s house and chat with him, after which you may choose the Mokoko Seeds option, which will show you all of the products you can trade for. You can obtain fresh sailors and crew, as well as blueprints and Rapport products.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 12, 2022.

Using Dispatch to send out several ships is a wonderful way to farm resources. How To Send Extra Ships On Send In Lost Ark describes how to unlock more Normal and Special Mission slots for the Station, allowing you to dispatch numerous ships at once.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

Fishing is one of the various trade talents available in Lost Ark. This article on How To Fish In Lost Ark will show you how to get materials and resources from the game’s numerous rivers, lakes, and streams. Before you may utilize fishing, you must first unlock crafting, like with all of the Trade Skills.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 10, 2022.

You must join a guild and contribute to complete a quest, but you are not required to stay. This article will show you how to quit a guild in Lost Ark, since the interface might be a bit complicated if you don’t know where to look.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

ARPGs are well-known for providing enough treasure to field a full army of men. This article on How To Dismantle Items In Raiders Of The Lost Ark will show you how to turn your obsolete junk equipment into more valuable resources by deconstructing it into supplies. You may always sell your garbage, which is a good alternative since you will make more money.

The “lost ark mokoko avatar” is a creature that can be found in the game Lost Ark. It’s an animal with a long neck, and it’s not very strong.

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