Square Enix’s Babylon’s Fall released in 2017 to mixed reviews. Critics found the game lacking compared to other AAA titles, while fans loved its refreshing sense of style and creativity. Square-Enix appears poised for a comeback with their upcoming project called The Quiet Man that features an outsider protagonist fighting against a corrupt society where he finds himself on the wrong side of justice after stumbling onto some shady dealings within his own community.

“Babylon’s Fall” is a game that was released by Square-Enix in 2016. The game has been put on hold and the company has not said when it will be coming back. It is unknown what happened to the project, but some speculate that it may have been cancelled due to poor sales.

Whatever happened to Square-Enix’s Babylon’s Fall?


When we first tried out Babylon’s Fall in beta, we said it was a decent enough starting point that needed some launch polish. Spoiler warning: That didn’t happen. Not that it mattered because nobody showed up to play anyhow, and the last word from the developers was basically promising that everything is fine to an empty auditorium. So what happened to Square-Enix and Platinum Games’ looter-slasher? Well, it fell to one concurrent player at one point. Which would be hilarious even if the one concurrent player didn’t identify himself.

Dashiell Wood, the intrepid spirit inhabiting an amusement park no one asked for or wanted to visit, was interviewed by Rock Paper Shotgun. Wood appears to be more interested in playing since the game dressed up for a party and no one showed up, but it’s still a fascinating conversation, with Wood pointing out that one of the game’s major flaws is that it looks excessively awful owing to a color wash. Fortunately, as of this writing, the game has more than one concurrent player on Steam Charts; however, the high is still around 200 players for the previous 30 days, so this isn’t exactly a plus.

This isn’t a joke. This is exactly who I am. https://t.co/bSB3dfCId7

— dash (@dashiellwood) May 7, 2022


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