Genshin Impact is a top-down shooter where you can choose not to use any guns, but instead wield powerful abilities in combat. It features an innovative Battle Royale mode which pits players against each other and the rest of the world simultaneously. The game is expected to release on Xbox One in 2022

The “will genshin impact be on xbox” is a question that has been asked for a while. Genshin Impact Xbox Edition is coming in 2022.

When Genshin Impact Xbox Edition is coming? [2022]

Gamers have been wondering since 2020 whether a Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin would be released anytime soon. And, despite the game’s tremendous success among PlayStation 4, mobile, and PC players, Xbox gamers have been unhappy. However, there are several reports circulating that Impact of Genshin will be released on Xbox shortly. Let’s take a brief look at Impact of Genshin first to have a better understanding of what’s going on.

Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin

Genshin’s Influence

Impact of Genshin is a full-fledged existence in and of itself. It boasts a large cast of playable characters and an engaging tale, which has helped it garner a lot of popularity. The game takes place in Teyvat, which is home to a diverse range of countries. Every country has its own distinct characteristics and worships a separate deity. The plot centres on twins who are pitted against unknown gods. Players may pick whether they wish to be a male or female character. One twin is kidnapped, while the other is imprisoned. After a time, the twin awakens and embarks on a mission to locate the long-lost twin with the assistance of a fairy-like companion called Paimon.

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The first part centers around Stormterror, a peaceful dragon in the past that is now attacking the Kingdom of Mondstadt. Along with the Knights of Favonius and Barbatos, the Wind God, the Traveler, and Paimon team up to calm the dragon and bring peace to Mondstadt. Well, that was Genshin’s Influence’s story. Now let us look at the platforms you can play Impact of Genshin on.

Impact of Genshin Impact of Genshin

Impact of Genshin Platforms

Impact of Genshin has gained a massive fan following, and here are a couple of platforms where you can relish the game:

PC: Impact of Genshin fans can download it on their computer or laptop through the game’s official launcher, the miHoYo website. When you are done downloading it, the launcher will install the game and future updates. Another option is to download the game using Epic Games Launcher. 

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Mobile: Downloading the Impact of Genshin on your smartphone is pretty simple. Android users can download it from PlayStore. Galaxy users can do so from Galaxy Store. And, iOS users can download the game from the AppStore.

Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin

PlayStation: Impact of Genshin is available for PlayStation Console including PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Playing the Impact of Genshin on PlayStation is pretty straightforward. To download Impact of Genshin on PlayStation, you need to use the search option and type the name. And then, add the game to the library and download all the related files.

Impact of Genshin Platforms Impact of Genshin Platforms

Is there a Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin?

Sadly, no. The Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin is not available yet. But as per a report by IGN Japan in 2020, the mastermind behind Impact of Genshin, miHoyo, stated that they have no plans yet to launch a Impact of Genshin for Xbox shortly. It has been two years since this statement was made, and we hope they launch an Xbox version soon. However, a Nintendo Switch version was announced in 2020.

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When will the Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin come out?

The sad truth is that there have been no hints about the launching of Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin. The developer, miHoYo, launched the game, promising to increase its availability by launching it across multiple gaming platforms. But as per the latest news, they have no plans to launch the game on Xbox anytime soon. However, announcements have been made that the game will be launched on PlayStation 5.

Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin

Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin News

With the Xbox Game Pass gaining immense popularity, Xbox has become a popular gaming platform. It has drawn in more customers to the platform, making it more well-known than ever. Along these lines, it does seem like a brilliant idea to launch Impact of Genshin to Xbox, as there are plenty of gamers who might be interested in it. Xbox hasn’t sold well in Asia, which could contribute to why Impact of Genshin hasn’t been launched yet.

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The Xbox Series has seen a colossal rise in Japan, so this could be a defining moment. Since Impact of Genshin can be played on phones and PS5, technical constraints aren’t the reason for its absence on Xbox stages. In any case, Impact of Genshin may ultimately come to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, given the stage’s success rates.

Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin News& Rumors Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin News& Rumors

Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin Rumors

No rumors are floating around Genshin’s Influence being launched on Xbox anytime soon. It is pretty unclear why miHoYo has not launched it yet on Xbox despite performing great in Asian markets. It might also be possible to keep it limited to Sony as it is an Asian brand. There is no official date or confirmation from the developers regarding Impact of Genshin being launched on Xbox. Still, with gaming expo season arriving, it might be an excellent opportunity for the company to vent into a newer platform.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions 

FAQ 1: Can I Play Impact of Genshin on my Xbox One? Answer: As of now, no. You can not play Impact of Genshin on your Xbox One as it has not been launched on Xbox yet. However, you can play it on your phone, PC, or PlayStation if you want. 

With that, we have now come to an end to our guide on Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin. We hope it aids you in finding the answers you were looking for. Stay connected with us to get the latest update on Xbox Edition of Impact of Genshin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Genshin Impact be available on Xbox?

A: Unfortunately, Genshin Impact will not release on Xbox as of this time.

On what devices can you play Genshin Impact?

A: Genshin Impact is available on the PS4 and PC.

What platform is Genshin Impact best on?

A: Genshin Impact is best played on PC.

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