The Witcher 3 is a game that takes place in the fictional world of The Continent, named for its expansive geography. But where does Velen fit into all this?
The Witchers can be found throughout the region and Geralt’s home village of Rivia lies somewhere near Novigrad. This gives us some clues about how to find arenaria in Velen.
First, you have to look at your map: if it doesn’t show any area called “Velen”, then there are no active quests involving these ingredients- so don’t worry! We’re not going on an exhausting quest hunt just yet. If you’ve got a lot more time than we do (or want to go off-road), here are some helpful tips on finding them yourself:-
1) You’ll likely find them around settlements or camps inhabited by nonhumans such as harpies and elves.-2) They may also appear next to lakes or rivers which sometimes contain fish with bright red scales known as Carp d’Arena.-3) They might also get caught up under bridges like Ox Guts from River Suckers .

The “where to find arenaria in velen” is a question that was asked by a player. The answer is found at the end of this article.

Where can I find arenaria in Velen? |

In the Velen, you’ll have to free a settlement. It is located to the west of Lurtch. We’ve highlighted the location above so you can find it quickly. Go inside the village and clean it out; the herbalist will soon appear to sell you the flowers if you have the currency.

Where can I find arenaria in this case?

Arenaria’s Location. The daisy-like white bloom may be seen in fields all around the country. The White Orchard Inn is west of one of them.

In Witcher 3, where can I get Arenaria? Arenaria is an alchemy component in The Witcher is a fantasy role-playing game. 3: Wild Hunt. It’s an uncommon plant outside of White Orchard, but it’s a lot more common in the Hearts of Stone expansion. Tomira is the place to go if you want to buy it. To make the following things, you’ll need it: Draconid oil that has been enhanced.

People also wonder where they can find Tomira.

Tomira’s hut is the home of Tomira, the local herbalist in White Orchard. Tomira has a little garden in the hut where she produces herbs for different medications and ointments.

I’m looking for Ergot seeds, but I’m not sure where to look.

Ergot seeds are an alchemy component that does not grow naturally in the game, but may be purchased from merchants or acquired as treasure. They are available from the following vendors:

  1. Tomira.
  2. The Pellar is a character in the game Pellar.
  3. Metz, Keira
  4. In the Refugee Camp, there is a herbalist.
  5. Herbalist west of Hangman’s Alley, near the Abandoned Site.
  6. Bamber, Otto
  7. Gremist.

Answers to Related Questions

Is it possible for you to return to the white orchard?

Simply return via Fast Travel. Zoom out the globe as far as it seems to go, then zoom in a bit further to view the global map, then click on White Orchard and a fast travel point to return to your original location.

I’m looking for calcium Equum, but I can’t seem to locate it.

Calcium Equum is difficult to come by in the early hours of The Witcher is a fantasy role-playing game. 3, but its usage in creating a Grapeshot bomb to assist you take down your first contract may be a tremendous aid. If you can’t find them in random containers throughout White Orchard, you can buy them from the herbalist for 40 gold apiece.

In Witcher 3, where can I locate mistletoe?

Mistletoe is an alchemy component that may be discovered in the wild near Pellar’s home or at the circle on Fyke Isle.

In Witcher 3, where can I locate a white gull?

In the Free City of Novigrad, he may be located north of the Oxenfurt Gate sign (M6).

In Witcher 3, where can I locate buckthorn?

The buckthorn may be found near Novigrad’s port.

Where can I get Witcher 3 water essence?

In The Witcher is a fantasy role-playing game. 3: Wild Hunt, water essence is an alchemy element that may be broken down into Monster essence. It’s available from the following retailers:

  • Herbalist at White Orchard’s roadside monument.
  • Tomira.
  • The Pellar is a character in the game Pellar.
  • At the campground, there is a herbalist.

I’m looking for Drowner brain, but I’m not sure where to find it.

Between White Orchard and the Nilfgaardian Outpost, in the wetlands. North of White Orchard, on each side of the stone bridge leading to the mill (occasionally). To the east of White Orchard, along the sea, immediately below the Ransacked Village.

What is the best way to utilize explosives in Witcher 3?

Pick a bomb in the inventory, then press X to select a slot. Bombs may be accessed in battle by pressing L1 (where you choose signs), selecting the bomb (which will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen below your potions/food), and then pressing R1 to deploy.

In Witcher 3, how can you obtain Honeycomb?

There are two responses. To kill the bees and bring the beehive down, use the Igni Sign. You may harvest it after it’s on the ground.

What’s the best way to deal with Jenny of the Woods?

How to call Jenny o’ the Woods and slay her. If it isn’t already night, meditate before interacting with the fire. Jenny will appear in the region as a result of this, so get your sword and prepare to slay her. Use Moon Dust and Dimeritium Bombs, as well as a good coating of Specter Oil on your blades, to make this battle much simpler.

Is Specter oil effective against wraiths?

It is the most powerful oil against this sort of opponent. Except for wraiths, this oil is useless against people and monsters.

What are your favorite ways to utilize Yrden?


  1. Right-click anywhere on the ground to activate the Yrden sign, and the trap will emerge there.
  2. When casting the sign, endurance is utilized; if Geralt’s overall level is too low, he will be unable to perform the sign.

What is the location of Stammelford’s dust?

Stammelford’s dust is available from a variety of vendors, including the herbalist on Glory Lane.

What is the best way to go to Kaer Morhen?

All you have to do now is continuing pursuing the major plot missions in Velen, Skellige, and Novigrad until you’ve done them all. That’s a significant portion of the tale that you must complete before unlocking Kaer Morhen, so take your time and play the game at your own speed.

In Witcher 3, where can I locate alchemy ingredients?


Exploration south of the Orphans of Crookback Bog sign in Velen, where the bog terminates, will provide a random drop by dead Arachas. Also, as part of the main plot quest, near Ard Skellig). Beaches are a common sight.

What stores sell cherry cordial?

It’s available through a variety of retailers, including:

  • At the White Orchard Inn, Elsa.
  • Harviken’s innkeeper.
  • Svorlag’s innkeeper.
  • Larvik’s innkeeper.
  • Downwarren has a merchant.
  • In Crow’s Perch, there is a trader.
  • In Oxenfurt, Stjepan.
  • The Golden Sturgeon’s innkeeper.

In Witcher 3, where can I get green mold?

The Witcher is a fantasy role-playing game.

Green mold thrives in damp, gloomy environments such as caverns and crypts.

The “where to find celandine witcher 3” is a question that many players have asked. The answer to the question can be found in Velen, and is called “Arenaria.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find arenaria in velen Witcher 3?

A: Arenaria is a type of rock in Velen. You can find it on the beach below Kaer Muire, or you may have to go farther north and dig for it around Gedyneith.

Where can I find arenaria devil by the well?

A: Arenaria devil can be found by the well in the Forest of Ignorance biome.

Where do I find Tomira?

A: You can find Tomira in the pairs section.

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